Christmas in Halls


Liberty Living is a great place to be at Christmas time with hundreds of students all ready to get into the festive spirit in one place. So why not make the most of it with fun and memorable get-togethers, here are a few suggestions for getting into the mood in your halls.

Secret Santa treasure hunt: your student accommodation is a great place for a treasure hunt with lots of space to hide your presents. Use clues to keep it interesting and maybe turn it into a festive drinking game with a small shot of eggnog to make the trail harder whilst getting everyone in the mood for the reveal party.

Don’t forget:

1) Keep it anonymous: the clue is in the name so don’t ruin the surprise: get everyone to pick a name out of a hat and no cheating or peeking. To avoid mix-ups make sure everyone knows everyone and write their names and room number on the paper in the hat.

2) Decide a budget: this is important to avoid any awkward moments, stick to a £5 or £10 present so everyone needs to be creative and thoughtful with their gift.

3) Give a little treat or clue each day: with the cold weather, flu season and end-of-term deadlines upon us, leave a little gift or note to brighten up a friends day and keep them guessing who you are with little riddles and clues. Or, go that extra step and decorate their door – all it needs is a bit of tinsel or Christmas decorations as a sweet gesture.

4) Plan a Christmas party for the big reveal: this is obvious but crucial – get everyone to bring a dish, some drink and their final present for the big reveal for a memorable holiday send-off.

If you don’t fancy the Secret Santa idea then maybe try mini advent calendar treats for a close friend, or bring a small treat each day, such as some chocolate or even a big cuppa to their door – it’ll brighten up their day this Christmas.

Or you could start your own Christmas ‘come dine with me’, get a group of friends together and take it in turns to either cook a mini, student version of Christmas dinner (with a lot of help from Aunt Bessie's!). You could try baking a Christmas desert such as trifle, mince pies or Yule log (or you can cheat and grab one from the shops) it’s a lovely way to make the most of all the yummy traditional Christmas treats for all of your flatmates to enjoy before you break up for the holidays, if you haven’t done so already.

Of course, if that sounds like a lot of effort, simply get your friends together and venture out in search of Christmas carols, markets, mulled wine stalls or enjoy the Christmas lights and trees decorating your uni town and see what it has to offer.

Either way, Christmas is a great time of year to make new friends, meet new people and celebrate with everyone – Merry Christmas to you all!

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