Cinema tips


The Christmas holidays are all about having fun with friends and family, relaxing without having to battle through the wind and the cold so the cinema is always a popular choice and a great option. With plenty of Christmas films out as well as blockbuster hits like The Hunger Games and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as well as a demand of more niche, independent cinemas playing the classics, it’s good to be in the know about the best cinema deals and options out there.

Here are my 5 tips for getting the most from your cinema experience:

1. Go independent

Rather than always going for the big chain cinemas where you pretty much know what to expect from the cookie-cutter interior to the higher prices, why not check out your uni town for cute independent cinemas for a change? The screen might be a little smaller but there will be a cosier atmosphere and a wider range of sweets and treats to make it a tempting choice.

2. Smart snacking

If you’re on a budget make sure to plan ahead when it comes to your cinema snack. You can still go for the same options but for less money at your local supermarket, you will also find more variety so give yourself extra time for that sweet treat pit stop. Look out for those 2 for 1 offers too – especially if there’s a few of you going together.

3. Memberships and discounts

If independent cinemas aren’t for you then look into getting an NUS card, which gives you great discounts on beauty, restaurants, uni essentials, fashion, technology and 25% off all Odeon cinema tickets – bargain! And if you have a regular favourite then consider becoming a member to start getting great deals, earlybird tickets and offers. The Odeon memberships lets you earn points with every film which can be used on tickets or snacks as well as exclusive discounts and competitions. Well worth it!

4. Stay closer to home

Also, make sure to check whether there is a ‘cinema’ run by your Student Union as often they will turn a lecture hall into a cinema screening for students where you’ll find old school classics and student favourites. This is a good way to meet new people with similar interests and get cracking deals on your ticket, as well as saving money for transport as it will be right on your doorstep on campus.

5. Resist temptation

Themed cinemas are a huge trend right now and, as fun and quirky as they may be, they are far more expensive than your average ticket so make sure you don’t go too regularly. As fun as the Pillow Cinema and the Hot Tub Cinema are, a ticket starting at £15 will dent your wallet pretty quickly. Also, remember that themed cinemas tend to play films that have been out on DVD for years or even decades. So, why not buy them cheaply and create your own movie night with enough beanbags, beer and popcorn to keep everyone happy, all at a much lower price!

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