Confessions from a lazy cook in student housing


Living in student housing has made me come to terms with a fact that I am not proud of. I am too lazy to cook.

Cooking is not something that comes naturally to me. When living at home my Mum has always done everything for me. To be honest, when I moved to university I had no idea how to cook, I even struggled to cook pasta. Yes, I have to be the only person in the world to ever burn pasta.

Rather than make the effort to learn some new recipes, I have taken the easier route – laziness. But I’m not the only lazy Liberty Living food lover. In our student flat we have one friend who cooks almost every night we eat. We all buy ingredients together, assist her together and then sit down together to tuck into her never-ending repertoire of home cooked wonders. OK, I exaggerate – it’s always good, and sometimes great, but never burnt and always edible, unlike my past efforts.

If our cook is not with us, then we tend to do something boring like buy a meal deal from Sainsbury’s. I have even tried to get my Mum to send me food parcels, however, it would cost her a fortune to keep sending me food.

Now at this point, I need to own up to something. Even though I say that I can’t cook very well, I have been told by my family that I make a “mean shepherds pie”. And it’s not too bad even if I do say myself. The only issue is I do not have the right utensils to make it in student housing or the money to be able to buy the ingredients in London. Plus, my friends within Liberty Living student accommodation are brutally honest and it scares me that they will actually tell me it is awful and that will crumble my cooking confidence!

When our cook deserts us I revert to plan laziness. That’s when I wave my wand and become a microwave queen, a throw a pizza in the oven kind of girl or a pot noodle princess! Yes, my laziness is fool proof.

A pot noodle requires me to boil the kettle. To microwave food I need to make sure it is heated all the way through and when cooking a pizza I just check that the cheese is melted and that the edges are golden brown. Easy.

The truth is that cooking food the lazy way is never as tasty as when my friend makes it, but it’s a foolproof alternative for a hungry student who is far too lazy to cook.

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Posted on 3rd February 2014 by Jessica H.

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