Cooking on a budget in student accommodation


Sharing a kitchen is not easy whether you are with your friends in a student house or with your flatmates in student accommodation. Cooking on a budget is especially tricky, so here are my top tips on how to cook on a budget:

1. Cook with a group of friends and share the buying of food either by splitting the total cost or as we often do, by supplying a few items each.

2. Freeze leftovers. We often cook more than we need on purpose. This is easy with food like Spaghetti Bolognaise, Shepherds Pie and Lasagne.

3. Try to buy food from the reduced aisle, I am a little bit of a hypocrite for saying this, because I don’t like reduced food being a stickler for things which are in date. If something is even a day out of date I will not eat it. I am just weird like that, but my friends buy reduced food and have got sushi which should have been £3.00/£4.00 for something really cheap like 80p. It is a good habit to get into if you can or if you want to.

4. Buy frozen food as well. It lasts so much longer than fresh food, which I often put in the fridge and forget about. As a student you cannot go wrong with frozen oven-cook chips (because a chip pan in student accommodation is not a good idea) and then buy a pack of four baked beans or spaghetti hoops and then some grated cheese. Best student food ever.

5. Pasta rocks. You can buy 3kg of pasta and eat pasta with everything; chicken, bacon and veg. It is healthy and you can eat it cold the next day as a cheap lunch at University.

6. When you can, shop at a supermarket and not a local convenience store because it will save you some money. A supermarket tends to put on better deals and they can be much cheaper than convenience stores. The higher foot-fall in supermarkets means they are able to keep things cheap and because they have greater turnover, their products are often fresher.

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Posted on 4th March 2014 by Jessica H.

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