Did someone say beer o'clock? Here's 6 boozy beer and cider festivals to check out this summer


Nothing welcomes the arrival of summer better than an afternoon in the sun with a crisp brew in your hand. People, music, and chatter make it an all the more rounded experience; so why not head to a local beer festival to soak up some of the vibes and test your palette with something new?

Throughout July there are events all across the UK for bubble-lovers. If you just fancy an afternoon and a couple of pints, why not seek out your local events? Lots of local pubs host their own festivals, so if you are a stickler for continuity, or don’t have time to travel, then you may well be able to join in from the comfort of your regular barstool.

Most smaller festivals usually only sample around 20 cask ales, and might have some live bands or musical acts to keep you entertained while you sip away. If you consider yourself more of a connoisseur, you may want to go further afield, and make more of an event of it. Dotted around the UK are some more serious festivals lasting over a week.

It is all too easy to miss out on events; especially as lots of festivals aren’t widely advertised. If you think it might be something you are interested in, have a look around and keep your ears open for the sound of bottle tops popping off, or raised voices as heavy casks of ale are hoisted onto bar tops. If you are heading away for a weekend it is worth checking out in advance whether any festivals will be on in the locality. They are good ways to capture the spirit of a place and meet the locals.

A leisurely afternoon with a pint of something different in hand could just set you up for the summer after months of British drizzle and mediocre cans of supermarket brew. Why not do something different this July and go to a beer festival? Sounds good to me.

We shortlisted some of the best looking beer festivals around the country!

Peakender, Thornbridge Brewery, Derby
Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd July
Free entry to the beer festival - check out their camping options too!

Chelmsford Beer and Cider Festival, Essex
Tuesday 5th July – Saturday 9th July
Free entry until a certain time (between £1 -£5 per person on the door)

Scottish Real Ale Festival, Edinburgh
Thursday 7th July - Saturday 9th July
From £4 - £6 entry

Hereford Beer on the Wye Festival, Herefordshire
Friday 8th July - Saturday 10th JulyFrom £1 - £4 entry

The Great British Beer Festival, London
Tuesday 9th August - Saturday 12th AugustTickets are priced from £9 - £35

Swansea CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival, Swansea
Thursday 25th August - Sunday 28th August
From £3 - £5 entry

Head on over to CAMRA's website for a full list of beer and cider festivals all over the UK. Ranging from small village pub events to larger trade shows and displays, you'll be sure to find something!

Rowan Staden-Coats lives at Liberty Gardens in our Student Accommodation Birmingham. She is in her 1st year studying International Relations and Russian