Feeling homesick? Here’s what you should do


University can be an incredibly exciting journey, but it’s not uncommon to feel lonely or homesick. No matter how much you’re enjoying yourself or how many friends you have, missing home and your family is inevitable when getting used to living on your own. Here are a few simple steps you can take to combat homesickness at university.

Don’t stay in your room for too long


When you feel homesick at university it’s tempting to lock yourself away and shut yourself off from others. Momentarily, this can help you collect your thoughts, but it’s best not to deal with this feeling on your own. Even if you don’t feel that up for talking, just sitting in the living room with your flatmates can instantly make you feel more at home, and less homesick.

Explore your surroundings


When I’m homesick at university, one of my favourite things to do is to get out in the city and find a new favourite bakery, coffee shop or café. Wherever you’ve decided to spend your uni years, there’s bound to be something you’ve not checked out yet. Even taking a stroll around the city alone – with your headphones full of music or podcasts – can help with homesickness. Surrounding yourself with people is energising and the fresh air will do wonders for your mind!

Join societies


Joining a society can be daunting but also one of the most rewarding things to do at university. Making friends from all different years and courses can be really fulfilling, and you’ll get to attend fun events and nights out. Not finding what you’re looking for? Take it one step further and start your own society!

Expand your circle


If you get on well with your flatmates, firstly, lucky you! Secondly, don’t be tempted to spend all your time with them. Branch out and make the effort with your course mates too. This way, you might find yourself a study buddy, and you’re more likely to be able to get out of your flat and check out some different halls of residence as well.

Make the most of your home comforts

Home comforts

Whatever your source of comfort, try to make sure you’ll have access to it at university. It could some of your favourite photos, a slightly embarrassing-but-adorable teddy, or, even your mum’s mac ‘n’ cheese recipe. So, print those pictures, ring mum for the recipe and get comforting yourself! Little reminders (or nibbles) of home will help to cheer you up.

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