Fill your calendar with 2016's sporting events!


It’s 2016 and we all know what that means… It’s that time to either get active ourselves or find a source of inspiration to make this year better than the last! Luckily for you, 2016 is as promising a year as any.

The New Year brings in the new collection of fitness enthusiasts and as being as I study in Liverpool, here’s an insight into what you can get involved in that could be just perfect for you! Whether it be for charity such as Run for the ’96 5k (Sunday 22nd of May), or a challenge that requires a little more of preparation such as the Vitality Liverpool Half Marathon on the 13th of March, just sign up and commit now and figure out how you’re going to do it later! Test yourself this year, prove to yourself you can meet a challenge! To sign up, head on to the BTR website where you can join both of these events. Many other cities and towns will host running events and marathons of the like; visit Vitality’s website to sign up near you!

Moving on to the not so exhausting task of spectating, there is plenty on offer this year and the best news is, it’s not all about football!

March 2nd-6th, World Track Championships, Cycling

Many of the events on the calendar this year are international so for many of us who are stuck for money due to the joys of rent, shopping and cheeky nights out, it’s not particularly feasible. To start off, here’s a great event in our capital city: London. Great Britain did exceptionally well with 9 medals on the cycling track, 7 of these being gold in the London 2012 Olympics. What better event to watch than this one where we have the biggest chance of scoring gold once again?!

April 9th, The Grand National, Horse Racing

A true classic of an event; it seems to gather the attention of everyone and anyone. For those who are unaware,   there is nothing short about this event as it spans 4 miles 3 ½ furlongs, equivalent to 7,141m. Horses and their jockeys face 30 fences to jump, which are larger than the usual horse racing events. The event is held near Liverpool at the Aintree Racecourse. If you are interested in attending, tickets can be found here from £26.00 per person

June 10th–July 11th, Euro 2016, Football

I’m sure this will be a hit with any footy fans which I know some of you will be! Alongside your regular season Premier League games, the FA cup, and other European/International games, this will be the icing on the cake as European countries seek to claim stake as the best in Europe. Hopefully England might make a run for it this year! Not too bad in terms of location considering it’s just across the channel in France, so maybe make a holiday out of it as it’s after we break up from Uni! Applying for tickets can be difficult, but information can be found on the UEFA website of how to obtain tickets, although this can still be a tricky process: good luck!

June 27th-July 10th, Wimbledon, Tennis

Wimbledon is another British event that we can celebrate with the typical ‘British Summer’, but unfortunately unlike the cycling we’re not particularly great at it, if you pardon the pun on that one. Nevertheless, it is such a great sight to see people from all over the world come together to celebrate this annual tournament. Like most sports, tennis is not shy from its fair share of controversies and surprises. For anyone not quite sure what to watch from this list, this is definitely a good place to start. You can be involved in two ways: volunteering at Wimbledon or buying tickets to watch the event itself, either way you’ll have an amazing time. Information on pricing and what options are available can be found here.

August 5th-August 21st, Rio Summer Olympics 2016, Multi-Sport

If you ask me what event this year I’m looking forward to, 100% this is the one. The Olympics are simply amazing because of the sheer diversity of sports on offer and the rising competition levelswith added pressure to place in the medals and potentially secure a world record. If you’re looking for inspiration or to see something new, make sure you wake up and tune into the day long coverage of every event. Often this is made easier with the use of ‘red button’ tools to allow you to select events to watch. Maybe you might be one of the lucky few who can travel to Brazil and get to witness this event live, and if you do, let me tell you how jealous I am of you! Due to the nature of this event being in another country, it can be a complex process buying tickets but here is a link which may help guide you at least. With a packed sporting year, hopefully these events will inspire sport enthusiasts to keep going for the gold, but also encourage new enthusiasts to get involved and try something new!

Kallum Dray lives in Liverpool with Liberty Living. He is studying Sport and Exercise Science and is in his 1st year at Liverpool John Moores University.

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