Film review – Jurassic World


Any nineties kids out there should be thrilled by the news that Jurassic World, the fourth instalment of the Jurassic series, is finally here 22 years after the release of the original cult classic.

And over the decades the graphics, scale, cinematic possibilities and special effects have vastly improved to create an eerily realistic vision of a world where, thanks to science, dinosaurs are no longer extinct.

The science fiction movie follows teenage brothers Zach and Gray who have gone to visit their aunt Claire who happens to be the operations manager of the theme park. Meanwhile, scientists in the on-site laboratory have created a genetically modified crossbreed dinosaur to attract more visitors to the park but threatens to wreak havoc as it becomes clear there is no way to control this one of a kind monster created by scientific technology.

This naturally leads to plenty of fast-paced and nail-biting action with some gore and horror thrown in for good measure, but don't worry there are also sweet and romantic moments to break up the tension. The dynamics and intensity of the plot leads to an incredibly immersive experience for the audience which is even more amplified if you chose to watch it in 3D and I would highly recommend you do for a truly enhanced experience of this blockbuster hit. Be warned though, if you do watch it in 3D expect to swerve and duck instinctively when the pterodactyls seem to be flying straight towards you.

But for any nostalgic fans out there, don't worry because it's not all new stunts and graphics, they have kept the original musical score and there are reminders of what is left of the original park, and the film quickly reveals that advancing scientific technology is what ultimately destroys the park proving that the original concept was the winning formula.

Although Jurassic World does manage to keep up with the first four films with the interesting parallels between the theme park and present day zoos, safaris and most notably Sea World – the enclosures, attractions and shows closely resemble those we would see at animal parks nowadays to serve as a chilling reminder of the danger of trying to tame and control wild animals. This has become an interesting talking point and a topical issue that the film raises so it's not simply about CGI dinosaurs wreaking havoc, and this facet of the plot will resonate with many viewers.

Also, don't worry if you haven't seen the first four films as, aside for one short scene, you don't need to know what has happened before to understand this film so don't let that put you off. However, I would definitely encourage a marathon of the first four simply to understand the legacy of Jurassic Park and to see why it is still such a huge success after over 20 years. So get together a group of mates in your student accommodation and set a binge watch session up because these films definitely aren't supposed to be watched alone.

A thrilling, unique and impressive filmmaking feat. A must see this summer – 4/5 stars.

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Posted on 26th June 2015 by Elinore Court.

Elinore Court lives at Liberty House in London, she is studying a masters degree in Magazine Journalism at City University.

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