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Liberty Living’s student accommodation in Bedford is a very peaceful and tranquil residence, during the weekend it is quiet but there is still that friendly atmosphere lingering in the air. However, there may come a time during the term when you will want to get away for the day, speaking from experience it is always nice to have a day out. Even though Bedford has some lovely places to visit, for example, The Embankment, sometimes you may want to get away completely, therefore I suggest taking a trip down to London… it is the capital city of the UK after all!  

The grand London walks will keep you entertained, if you purchase a railcard, the cost of a day ticket to London is not that expensive. It is really quite something when all you do is sit on the train for about fifty minutes then all of a sudden you are in a place that is jam-packed with various things to do. If money is tight have no fear because you could avoid the famous Oxford Street… even though it is hard to resist! Buckingham Palace is an amazing building to visit or you could simply get off the train and walk to nowhere in particular and just see where you end up… that is a personal favourite of mine! 

Buckingham Palace is one of my most favourite buildings… however; I have a lot of sympathy for the window cleaner!

If walking is not your thing then why not pop down to one of the local theatres around town because some of the productions that are shown are brilliant. Every theatre is different; they all have their own quirky features and qualities. Richmond Theatre is picturesque and the inside has a perfect vintage appearance (it is special to me also because it was the theatre that I saw Birds of a Feather the stage show, for the first time. Sorry I really tried not to bring up the show but I could not help myself). You are guaranteed a magical feeling when a show has finished. 

If London is a stretch to far, Milton Keynes often has great shows of all genres to choose from. Seeing Joe Pasquale on stage with a man dressed as a nun and his sidekick who wore a dog mask was very surreal! 

There is always something that you could do; pretend the word ‘boredom’ does not exist! Well ‘boredom’ certainly does not appear in my dictionary. So go on, what are you waiting for, book to go and see a show!

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Posted on 2nd April 2014 by Forrest Dunbar.

Forrest is a 1st year undergraduate staying at Liberty Park, Liberty Living's student accommodation in Bedford.

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