Freshers checklist: How to boss your first weeks at uni


Wondering how to make the most of your first few weeks as a Fresher?

Tick these 6 things off your list to give yourself the very best start.


Freshers' Week


1. Enrol on your course

Kicking off with a pretty important bit of admin…

Didn’t realise you have to enrol once you’re at uni? You do! So look out for an email telling you when and where.

This might also be when you get your campus ID card so make sure you’re photo ready. You’ll be carrying it with you for 3+ years after all.


2. Go to Freshers’ Fair

If you do one thing during Freshers’ Week, make sure you go to the Freshers’ Fair!

This is where you’ll:

  • Discover all the weird and wonderful societies your uni has to offer
  • Pick up loads of vouchers for things like restaurants, gym memberships, haircuts etc. (Trust me, these will come in very handy in the weeks ahead.)
  • Get a ton of free food and merch


3. Head to some society taster sessions

Once you’ve found out about the societies on offer, it's time to try before you buy at a taster session.

While it’s commitment-free, you can try a mix of familiar activities you know you like, along with things you’ve never tried before. Why not?

(p.s. most of these are free but double check before you sign up!)


4. Explore your new home

A stroll around your new local area will help to break up the busyness of Freshers’ Week and give you some invaluable breathing time.

You can scout out some cafés with plug sockets and free WiFi to work in, or fun places to visit with friends, and maybe even the best supermarket for your weekly food shops.


5. Get to know your flatmates

Plan a movie night, cook something together or go to a Freshers’ Week event as a flat.

Whichever you pick, spending time with your flatmates in the first few weeks at uni is a really important thing to do. 

(For ideas on how to break the ice when you first meet each other, read this.)

Even if you’re a natural introvert and feeling shy, try to force yourself to socialise a little in the first couple of weeks. It’ll help you to create a support network, settle in more quickly and fend off any feelings of loneliness or homesickness.


6. Be kind to yourself

Starting uni and moving to a whole new city can be scary and stressful. Now is as important a time as any to take care of yourself.

That might mean staying in if you can’t face another night out. Or calling your mum when you need to. Whatever makes you feel reassured and happy.

Importantly, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be having the best time ever; it’s normal to be nervous and miss home. It doesn’t mean you’re doing Freshers’ Week ‘wrong’ if you feel this way.

In time, you’ll be in the swing of things, embracing student life and making some incredible memories.



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