Get involved in LJMU sports clubs!


I reckon if I was to announce this to a group of 100 students, the reaction would be quite mixed, ranging from the “are you kidding me?” to the more enthusiastic “YES YES, sign me up for everything!”. Which one you are is up to you, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom guys, sport clubs are more than just the competition. Trust me; I’ve played my fair share of sport, and not all of them for the sport itself!

From that last statement, you must be thinking I’m nuts but hear me out on this one: why sports clubs are worth your while:

  • Socialising – With all clubs, whether they are solo or team sports, there is a constant stream of banter and companionship with sport, simply because you have to work alongside others and eventually open up with a good joke which breaks the ice… boom you’re in!
  • Physical wellbeing – I will not lie to you, Universities will forever preach to you about being healthy, and honestly it’s an important thing to consider as living off pot noodles and pizza isn’t great for your health (You get a free membership, what’s better than free stuff?!?)
  • Stress busting – No I’m not quite talking about being a new version of the ghost busters, but believe me when I tell you that you need this! You’ll be up to your eyeballs in work and running around, shouting your head off will take the sting out of things a bit, but nothing beats exercise!
  • Exploration – Dora the Explorer was a cracker as kids, but you have to do your fair share of exploring as well. Considering Liverpool is a fair sized city, spending all your time in the city centre doesn’t do the city justice or your skills either. Get to know your surroundings by catching trains and buses to training, socials and competitions.

Hopefully those reasons may have made you go “hmmm” in consideration of joining, but what on earth do you join? This is also simple: Women’s clubs have become a more vocal part in everyday life now and at LJMU they are in support of this motion by providing 7 clubs (named on the Liverpool SU website) including your common sports such as Football and Rugby, but others such as Lacrosse and Gaelic are on the rise as well!

Fellas, I’m not forgetting you as you can  join the likes of your common clubs (Football etc.) but you also have the choice of emerging sports such as American Football with the JMU Fury, or maybe you’re one who loves being on the water and wants to try some rowing! I can’t list every club but if you visit the Liverpool SU website you’ll find details on each club on offer.

Does nothing quite take your fancy? Well, the brilliant thing about uni life is that all clubs are student run, so if you can rally up some fuss and some funding, you can help source your own team. So why not make something to be proud of, and maybe add to your CV, too It’s not just sport you know…

What are you waiting for, get up and give it a go, you’ll be better off than the people sitting on the couch! :)

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