Get some proper rest this Christmas


Most of us have busy lives, and we are getting notoriously worse at actually resting. It's easy to confuse being a bit lazy with having some actual rest, but the two aren't one and the same. For example, spending half your night in bed, texting non-stop might not exactly be productive, but it's not really good for you in terms of actually getting the chance to refresh!

When you're on the Christmas break, it's super tempting to head out every night, catch-up with old friends back home, maybe work a part time job to make extra cash before you go back – the list goes on. You'll also probably have work to do for University, whether it's revision, an essay or perhaps research.

As important as all that stuff actually is, you most likely work so hard during term time as well. That means that you also need to make sure to just relax for a while.

I definitely need to take note of my own advice here, but sometimes you need a schedule to be able to chill out properly. It doesn't sound right, but somehow, it can be. If you have everything loosely planned out, you can see how much you have to do and when, so that you can plan your downtime accordingly. The benefits include not stressing in a blind panic if you leave everything to the last minute; nobody can properly relax with anxiety hanging over their head! (Trust me on this one; procrastination is almost never as good an idea as you think it is!)

Actually taking time for you can mean a number of things. Basically, zoning out and not having to think about a thing is the ultimate in resting. Everyone is different, but a few days stuffing your face with good food, less-than-good TV and family or friends is about as laid back as it gets, and Christmas is often the best time to do it as most people are in the same mind frame. Get lots of sleep and lots of water... and maybe even a little glass of wine!

If you just really don't have a spare moment for that, don't forget to look after yourself. If you're working retail this Christmas, for example, get yourself a little treat when you get home, even if it's just hot chocolate and a movie. I do not miss working in such high pressure environments over the holidays, and have major respect to anyone who still does.

Christmas is a time for giving, but you are allowed to be a bit selfish and take a few hours here and there to do absolutely nothing. Time is precious; but you'll feel so much more revitalised to make the most of it once you give yourself chance to recharge the batteries!

Good luck, take care and try and get some proper rest this Christmas!

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