Here’s how Glasgow students can keep living costs down



Glasgow has been voted the world’s friendliest city, but it’s also been named the UK's most expensive city for students. But how much does student life in Glasgow really cost? Well, we estimated the average monthly costs of different aspects of student living in Glasgow. Then, we researched the best ways of keeping them down (you’re welcome). Here’s what we found out…



Were you surprised by how much your first proper uni shop cost? Us too. From bread and cheese to tins of beans, it all adds up... but doesn't have to reach £165! Our advice? Shop at budget supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl, where you can buy basics in bulk. If you’re living at student residence Liberty House in Glasgow, you’ll be just a seven-minute walk from Lidl on Jamaica Street, whereas Liberty Park is a 16-minute stroll to the nearest Aldi on High Street. Once you’re there, stocking up on tins and frozen food is always a good idea – and don’t forget to pack some shopping bags to save you from buying them!



Staying fit and healthy in Glasgow shouldn’t cost you £21 a month. Many students opt to exercise in their rooms or run around outside, but if you need the pressure of a gym or classes to motivate you to exercise, there are budget-friendly options around too. We recommend the Xercise4Less gym, where your first month is totally free and student discount takes your membership down to £12.79 per month. Plus, it’s just a 16-minute walk from both Liberty House and Liberty Park. Alternatively, the Glasgow Caledonian University’s ARC: Health and Fitness centre starts from £10 per month (valid for your first month only) if you go between 7am and 10am – it’s just a five-minute walk from Liberty Park, so those early starts won’t seem quite as painful! Don’t want to commit to a membership? Try a pay-as-you-go session for just £4.20.



We know, £53 sounds like an awful lot of money. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re studying in Glasgow and need to use buses, you can get a First Bus Pass, which works out at around £29 a month. But if you’re living at Liberty Park and studying at Glasgow Caledonian University, you can get to uni in just five minutes by walking around the corner (or 14 minutes, if you’re at Liberty House). Either way, you’ll be living so centrally that you’ve no excuse not to walk everywhere!

Books, stationary and printing


Why spend loads on brand new course books when you can buy them second hand? If you’re studying in Glasgow, there’s a GCU Facebook page where you can do exactly that. Or, if it’s pens and notebooks you’re after, you’ll find cheap and stylish Scandi stationary at Tiger, a nine-minute walk from Liberty House or 12-minute walk from Liberty Park. Whether it’s an essay or some gig tickets you need printing, students living in Liberty Park can use Printt printing services and app for free – just download the free Printt app to get started.



When they’re not studying, what do Glasgow students get up to? Yup – eating, drinking and going out, sadly not always possible with a student budget. However, we know a few great places for doing it on the cheap. Start your evening at Paesano (literally a one-minute walk from Liberty House) for a plateful of pizza from just £5, then head to The Ark for a drink (it’s only five minutes away). Having a late one? Check if you can get yourself on the guestlist for The Sanctuary, Bamboo or The Flying Duck (you may get in for free before 11pm even if you can't). The morning after might seem like a struggle, but if you’re living at Liberty Park you can make the most of the big screen in the communal TV lounge.

Clothes shopping


We know students like to have a fresh wardrobe, but that doesn’t have to mean blowing your whole loan (or even £70 of it each month) on the latest threads. Head to Union Street to check out the charity shops, or King Street for vintage clothes - you never know what bargains you might find! If you prefer shopping online, you’ll get 10% off both ASOS and Boohoo with a UNiDAYS account. Or, if you’re living at Liberty House, Primark is just a three-minute walk away, so it’s really not far. Just saying…

Accommodation and bills


Accommodation is, of course, the biggest expenditure for students. Glasgow offers university halls, private student halls and housing rented through private landlords. Within those options, there's a variety of room types. Student flats with either an en-suite or shared bathroom tend to be cheapest if you're keen to spend less than £510 per month, but some students prefer to pay extra to have their own studio. Forking out for accommodation can come as quite a shock after living at home for circa 18 years, and it's important to remember that not all rooms include bills in your rent. Well, our rates in Glasgow include all your bills, Wi-Fi, maintenance, insurance and more. Happy days!

So, Glasgow doesn’t have to be as expensive as the stats suggest. Our two residences in Glasgow city centre are perfectly placed for keeping the costs of student living down.

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