Here’s what happens during Freshers’ Week


So, what exactly happens during Freshers’ Week? And when should you move in to make sure you don’t miss a thing? After accepting your offer at university and applying for student accommodation, you’re ready to take on Freshers’ Week (hooray!). We’re sharing the lowdown on everything there is to know about your first week, when it starts, and when you should set up home in your new accommodation. Here we go…

So what happens during Freshers’ Week?

Although the main attraction will be the countless parties to attend, not everything is centred around nightlife and drinking – you’ll find there are plenty of daytime activities, which means that you won’t have to stay up late and nurse a hangover if you really don’t want to. You can also spend some time hanging out in your shared housing, making the most of the communal areas in your new undergrad pad to interact with your new flatmates.

Here are some of the typical events you can expect at Freshers’ Week:

Freshers’ Fair (for freebies, friends and societies!)

The Freshers’ Fair is normally one of the first things to happen during Freshers’ Week and many students attend with their housemates. Not only can you learn a lot about the university, you can pick up some great freebies and find fun societies or sports teams to join. Even if you didn’t have any special interests at school, university is a great time to try something different and many people find joining groups and clubs the best way of making friends. Liberty Living students often connect with one another on our Facebook Groups before moving in, which is a great way of buddying up before the fair begins, so you can explore the fair as a group.

Club nights and parties

The biggest attraction of Freshers’ Week is without a doubt the parties. Some of the bigger cities will likely have famous club nights (think Ministry of Sound), or typical student events such as foam parties or fancy dress events. These nights promise plenty of fun – and more importantly – a chance to socialise with people at your university. It’s not just first years that attend Freshers’ Week either, so you’ll be able to meet people from different year groups.

Liberty Living events

We organise welcome parties designed to help you mingle with students living in the same block or area, which are great for breaking the ice with other residents in the building. And the rest of the year is no exception – our Student Experience programme is jam-packed with student events throughout the year, such as BBQs, movie nights, pub quizzes and much more. From the moment you arrive, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet amazing people.

Induction lectures

Has all that talk of parties made you forget what you came to uni for? Remember that some courses have induction days or welcome lectures that are designed to ease you into the curriculum. Ok, these events may not sound as exciting as a pirate party, but they’re great for helping you get to grips with how your course is going to be run. If you have any questions or worries, this is the perfect time to get them answered (even if you’re dealing with a monster hangover from the night before). Better yet, you can also get to know other people on your course before it actually starts.

Freshers’ Week FAQs

A week with no parents, no sleep, and no clue how you’re going to fit in can leave some people feeling a bit nervous. If you still have any doubts about Freshers’ Week, we’ve done our best to answer the most common questions below…

  • When is Freshers’ Week and when should I move in?

Freshers’ Week is always the first week at university and is scheduled in before term officially begins (around mid-September, depending on the university or college you’re attending). Suitable move-in dates will be provided by your university or accommodation provider, allowing you a few days to settle in. Here at Liberty Living, we allow students to move in from as early as the last day of August, if you need extra time to get used to your surroundings.

  • How much money do I need for Freshers’ Week?

The key to your wallet surviving Freshers’ Week is to be sensible and not blow all your loan in one week, otherwise you’ll struggle for the rest of the semester until your next payment comes in. From partying to stocking up on necessities for your new pad, outgoings can add up, which is why it’s important for every student to learn how to budget. The cost of Freshers’ Week depends entirely on how much you like to party, how much you drink on a night, and how much you spend on other things. Set yourself a budget for each day, and don’t forget money for groceries!

  • Is it hard to make friends during Freshers’ Week?

If you’re wondering how to make friends during Freshers’, you’ll be relieved to know that everyone is feeling the same way. Moving to a new city can be scary without the safety net of your old friendship groups at school or sixth form, but this is your chance to meet new people and put yourself out there. Meeting people is extremely easy during the first few weeks of uni, and most halls place newcomers together, so you’ll make friends with no trouble. Even if you’re not a big drinker or don’t like crowds, going out and meeting people is the best way to expand your circle. Our advice? Attend as many Freshers’ Week events as possible!

  • Do you have to go to Freshers’ Week?

No, the week-long welcome event is not compulsory. However, it is highly recommended that you do attend, because you will find it a lot easier to make friends if you do. We think it’s important to at least come the Liberty Living welcome events if you’re staying with us, so you get a chance to hang out with your new neighbours.

  • What if I don’t want to drink at university?

If you don’t like to drink alcohol, you’re probably wondering how to survive Freshers’ Week sober. There are so many different types of events, not just parties. The Freshers’ Fair also gives you a chance to find clubs and societies, which means you can socialise regularly without getting drunk.

  • Will I get Freshers’ flu?

Being exhausted from the parties, eating unhealthily (who doesn’t want to explore the local takeaways after a night out?) and having close proximity to a lot of people (where germs can get passed easily) can cause what’s known as ‘Freshers’ flu’. To avoid it, we recommend good hand hygiene, getting plenty of sleep, stocking up on vitamins, and having cosy nights in with your housemates for some much-needed R&R (rest and relaxation).

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For more information about your first week in Liberty Living accommodation, visit your residence page on our website, which will have a link to a Facebook Group for you to join, so you can get to know your flatmates.