Here’s why Manchester is the perfect city for students


Manchester (aka the capital of the North) has been an immensely popular student city for many decades, and for good reason! From its vibrant music scene, to the edgy Northern Quarter restaurants and bars, to its many art galleries and cultural delights, Manchester has it all. Here are six reasons why Manchester is the perfect place to spend your university years.

1. It’s a smaller, cheaper London


£2 for a pint? Yes please! You can’t beat Manchester’s drinks prices. Rent is also much cheaper than many university cities in the UK. All the hustle and bustle of a big city, but with the friendly Mancunian twist – expect a hello and a chat while you’re waiting for the bus, or a smile as you’re walking down the street.

2. The Northern Quarter

Northern Quarter

From Dough Pizza Kitchen to Teacup Kitchen to Trof, the Northern Quarter has so many amazing eateries that you’ll be spoilt for choice! Not to mention the countless music venues, pubs and bars to cater for all music tastes. Lost in Tokyo is a particularly cool Japanese cocktail bar where you can try a ‘Kung Fu Collins’ or ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’. Intriguing!

3. Music and nightlife


Manchester’s world-famous music scene has produced the likes of The Smiths, New Order and Oasis. Need we say more? Its nightlife has something for everyone. Fifth Avenue is the club of choice for those into the latest pop hits, 42nd Street is the best club for a more indie night, or Soup Kitchen, which is a canteen, bar and music venue, is always fun for cool live music events!

4. The Warehouse Project

The Warehouse Project

The Warehouse Project club nights have been running in Manchester since 2006 and remain a popular student night out. They run from September to New Year’s Day so it’s perfect for fresher’s or the start of a new year at uni. These hyped up events are hyped up for a reason – definitely a go-to event for renowned DJs and a buzzing atmosphere.

5. Food, food, food


Manchester has an array of award-winning eateries to suit every taste bud! One that particularly stands out is The Eighth Day vegetarian and vegan co-operative shop and café on Oxford Road, just down the road from both the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. It serves amazing dahl, soups, smoothies and has different dishes freshly made each day.

6. Trams! And other forms of transport


The tram: a popular form of transport in Manchester, rarely heard of, or ever seen, by Southerners! These ‘trains on the road’ are really handy for getting around the city, as are the countless buses, which even include two free buses that run every ten minutes for inner-city travel – what more could you want? Manchester is also a very well-connected city for train links to all parts of the country – perfect for travelling home for the holidays.

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