How to celebrate February like it’s your birthday


Suddenly, after dreaded January, February (seemingly the longest-awaited month EVER) is finally here, and so far, it’s pretty fabulous. The end of exams is near, the assignments are in, and you can almost taste freedom. Plus, there’s so much to look forward to! But if you can’t seem to shake the January blues, here are eight ways to commemorate February and give this short (but sweet) month the credit it deserves.

Shameless celebrating


Is there really anything better than having that all-important night out with your friends after exam season? No - no there’s not. Finally, you can let your hair down and attend those pre-drinks and club nights you’ve missed so much. The end is here (or at least near)!

Eating really, really well

Fresh food

Everyone knows that the perfect library fuel is a good old £3 meal deal and a coffee. BUT, without daily library trips, you can finally dump that sandwich, crisps and drink combo and invest your time and money in some fresh, hearty food instead. Time for a good food shop and cooking sesh.

Sleeping in


With no revision to plough through, it finally means you can catch up on the month of lie-ins you’ve missed. Cancel that 7am alarm, it’s time to shamelessly binge Netflix series until 3am and sleep in until midday (that’s until lectures start again…).

Making some flipping great pancakes


Forget mushy Valentine’s Day, the best day of February is undoubtedly Pancake Day, because we’re all entitled to shamelessly stuff our faces with as many pancakes as possible and nobody can say anything about it. Tell your pals to bring the Nutella, strawberries and lemon, because you’re having a Pancake Day party they do NOT want to miss.

Taking new modules

New modules

After revising the same topic for the past month, it’s not at all nerd-like to be excited for some fresh new material to get working on. Yes, it does mean more work, but at least new modules are different to the same old subjects you had to dissect during January. Every cloud!

Visiting home


So, because of all those library hours you’ve racked up, you may just have time to go home for a few weeks. Sometimes there’s nothing better than being in your own bed, with access to a full fridge and someone to do your own laundry (who you may even be able to persuade to bake a cake). Of course it’s great being at university, but to properly unwind, heading home to your family and pets is the best option, plus it’ll save you some money too.

Spending some money


January may have taken your sanity, sleep and time, but the one thing it’s not taken is your hard-earned (or hard-loaned) cash. Soon it’ll be the 1st of February and you’ll realise you’ve only spent money on rent and bills during January because of how little you socialised. Result! More money for shopping trips, nights out and… next month’s rent (yawn).

Planning summer


As we move into February, let’s not forget that we’re one month closer to summer. Maybe it’s a tad early to be stocking up on suncream and buying swimwear, but it is time to start thinking about booking holidays, festivals and day trips to look forward to with friends. The countdown is on!