How to deal with a flatmate that snores


Meeting assignment deadlines and taking exams is daunting at the best of times, and any anxiety can be easily accelerated when you’ve accidentally committed to living with a snorer! There’s nothing worse than getting three hours’ sleep before your dreaded 9am because of that thunderous noise from two doors down, is there? So, with that in mind, here are a few handy tips and tricks for dealing with a flatmate that snores, just in time for National Stop Snoring Week (23rd-27th April).

Radio and podcasts


The rumbling noise from next door is nothing short of irritating, but listening to the radio or podcasts is a sure-fire way to dull it! Not only will the audio disguise the snores, but it will take your mind off anything else that’s contributing to your lack of sleep. If you’re lucky, you’ll learn a few things too! A couple of my fave shows are The Comedy Club Interviews and Late Night Woman’s Hour. There are thousands of podcasts catering to all sorts of interests, so get downloading and drown out those snores!

Plug your ears


You can’t try and overcome the sound of snoring without the obvious use of earplugs. All supermarkets and pharmacies are sure to stock a pair of these bad boys, and they’re a great way to soften the sound without breaking the bank. Pop them in before going to sleep and hopefully they’ll work their magic to give you a snore-free sleep.

Paper, not screens!

Reading in bed

If you’re really struggling to travel to dream-land, an important piece of advice is to avoid going on your phone. The glare from the screen is sure to cause more irritation when attempting to sleep near a snorer. Picking up a book instead of your phone relaxes your eyes, and therefore makes you feel more tired. Also, reading stories transports you from where you are and into the book, so you’ll no longer think about that awful snoring!

Stop the booze snooze


Advising your flatmate to avoid drinking alcohol before they go to sleep will hopefully supress their snores, or possibly help them stop snoring altogether. Alcohol relaxes your muscles, making it easier and more likely for someone to snore (especially someone who is usually prone to it). So, instead of a cheeky glass of wine before bed, tempt your flatmate with a delicious hot chocolate or camomile tea. Not only will it help them to stop snoring, but you’ll also be in their good books!

Calming sounds

Calming sounds

Another way to muffle snoring is to play some sleep therapy sounds. The most obvious of these calming sounds is white noise, which people seem to either love or hate! If you can adjust to the sound of white noise, not only will it silence those snores, it should calm you down and send you into a deep sleep. There are loads of free apps out there offering white noise or natural sounds such as birds chirping and rivers flowing.  We think Stop Snoring Week is the perfect time to research your options!