How to impress everyone with the ultimate summer BBQ!


You’ve spent the last year or so at Uni, so by now you’re probably a dab hand in the kitchen!

As you’re home for the summer now, it’s a great idea to show off those culinary skills to family and friends. Here's the ultimate test at the perfect time of year for it – a BBQ! It’s easy to let someone else take over, but given that you’re now the expert; why not give it a go? It's time to show off your seasoning skills, overcome the challenges of the outdoors, and, most importantly –  to prove yourself to your parents!

Before you moved to Liberty Living, you might not have experienced a lot of cooking for yourself, so people might be a bit surprised that you learned for yourself once the novelty of pot noodles wore off (and the takeaways got too expensive)! At the beginning, perhaps cooking a simple pasta dish was the height of your skills, but now you're (hopefully) a bit of a whiz.

A BBQ is a big deal, but we’ll walk you through it, because we know you’re all about smashing those student stereotypes! For ease, you can prepare a lot of your food inside the kitchen, and then take it outside to throw on the BBQ when it's time to cook.

Sure, you could go to Asda or Marks & Spencer's and pick up something from their extensive ranges. But there's a lot to be said for making your own burgers, steaks and accompaniments.

Of course, these don't even need to be meat at all, there are lots of delicious alternative these days which means that vegetarians and vegans aren't an afterthought, left with a bit of soggy lettuce.

So, what should you make? Here are a few ideas!


Ah, the classic staple. There are now so many variations on burgers that it can be difficult to know where to start. Why not lead with a classic? Beef burgers are loved by loads of people, and thanks to basic key ingredients, they’re not hard to get wrong. These ones are easily put together using just four steps and four ingredients, but once you’re more confident, you can experiment by adding in little extras for your own unique twist!

As a healthier, equally delicious alternative to beef burgers, turkey burgers allow you to get creative and still serve up that BBQ staple.

For a brilliant vegetarian alternative that doesn’t come as a second-class option, you have lots of different options, across the board. In fact, you have so many exciting choices from chickpea and coriander burgers, through to goat’s cheese, lemon and herb burgers; that you may well find your meat-eating mates are incredibly jealous.

If you’re veggie for health reasons, why not give kale and quinoa patties a go. They’re super summery and super healthy as well.

Just toss up a salad, grate some cheese, and butter up a ciabatta bun – and you’re good to go!


If you do eat meat, a steak is the ultimate treat. When you’re hosting a BBQ, it’s all about making sure that you’re cooking to everyone’s tastes and preferences. I personally love the flavour of a steak cooked medium rare or rare, but I know that equally, there are people who prefer it really well done! To be sure you’re keeping everyone happy, you can look at this easy-to-follow-guide to make sure that your steaks are cooked to perfection.

A nice marinade of sauces and herbs can make a steak extra special. You can buy these already prepared, or you can make one yourself. Jamie Oliver knows his stuff and has a great guide, and remember that you don’t necessarily need to buy the fancy, expensive cuts of meat if you can’t afford them – it’s all about how you cook them for a great taste!

Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes always go down a treat with a BBQ, probably because they can truly be enjoyed by everyone. You’ve got a choice, too, between the white ones and sweet potatoes. A top tip is to prepare them indoors first – use the microwave to soften them (and make sure to prick them before they go in as well). Then you can wrap them in foil and let them go crisp on the BBQ. Serve with butter for a top treat!

Remember when you’re doing a BBQ, it’s important to think about safety. Ask for help if you’re unsure how to light it, and make sure you’re observing proper food hygiene and cooking everything thoroughly, too. No one wants food poisoning.

If it all goes well, you can use the recipes to make a picnic in your Liberty Living student accommodation to enjoy with your flatmates when you go back, to your home away from home.