How to make friends at uni after first year




Everyone is actively trying to make friends in first year when everything is new and there are events in Freshers’ Week designed to help people meet and mingle.

But what if you’re in your second or third year at uni?

How can you make friends at this stage when it seems like everyone is already locked into their own friendship groups?

Here’s how…


1. Join a new society

The first and best way to meet like-minded people is to join a new society in something you’re really interested in.

Societies are one of the easiest ways to meet people at uni so take advantage of them! Everyone is there to be social and you already have something in common with everyone else there.

So go and share your love of baking, or Harry Potter, or dance, or whatever you love with some friendly fellow students!


2. Give volunteering a go

Volunteering your time to a worthy cause will not only give you a sense of fulfilment and boost your mood, it’s a perfect way to meet friends too.

You could volunteer through uni with one of the many projects they run or you could find a volunteering opportunity in your local community, which will help you to meet some different people including non-students.


3. Keep going to social events

Just because you’re not a fresh-faced first year anymore doesn’t mean you can’t meet people when you’re out enjoying yourself on a night out or at a house party.

The people you already know at uni can introduce you to more people and before you know it, you’ll have a bunch more friends.

Take all the opportunities you can; go to that pub quiz or your friend’s band showcase and keep an open mind about who you might meet there!


4. Look for a job

Getting a job can help with more than just money (as important as that is to us cash-strapped students!).

It can be a great way to make friends as you’ll spend quite a lot of time with your colleagues and mutually support each other through your shifts.

If you have time on your course to get a part-time job, it’s an option worth exploring. You don’t have to work lots of hours, but just a few a week could give you the chance to meet new people and make that dollar!


5. Course sports teams or events

A lot of uni courses have their own sports teams and events throughout the year, which can offer a second chance to meet and connect with people on your course you might not have spoken to before.

If the competitive uni sports teams put you off because you just want to have fun, course teams are a great option for you.

You’re sure to have a laugh and make some friends while you’re at it. If there’s a course brunch, summer party or a night out, go along and make it your goal to talk to at least one new person there!


I know it can be scary, particularly if you're an introvert, but as soon as you start putting yourself out there, you'll start to see your social circle grow and you'll wonder why you worried about this for so long. 

It's never to late to make new friends at university - you just need to summon the confidence to take those first steps into finding them! Good luck.

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