How to make money as a student in Wolverhampton


Worried by how quickly your student loan is disappearing? If you’re a little cash-strapped and living in Wolverhampton, don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to earn money that you can easily fit around your studies. These are our top tips for making money as a student in Wolverhampton.

Use the university


Your university isn’t just there to give you an education, it’s there to help you out in all areas of student life! So, why not make the most of their resources? You can check the University of Wolverhampton’s SU page for vacancies, as well as the Workplace page (making sure you select part time/student) for job listings. Want face-to-face advice? Head to Careers & Employment Services in the Ambika Paul (MD) building for tips on getting jobs - it’s just an 11-minute walk from student residence Liberty Heights.

Attend job fairs


Another great option is job hunting at a designated job fair. Check out the university’s events page to see listings for these. While they’re sometimes geared a little more towards graduates, you shouldn’t let that put you off. You might be able to wow someone into offering you a paid internship, or potentially pick up some part-time work. The next recruitment fair is on 6-7 November and it’s right on campus, so make sure your CV is up to date!

Get temping


Temporary jobs are perfect for students - not having to commit to full-time or permanent work will help you prioritise your studies. Many students find work in hospitality, such as catering or bar work. Alternatively, shops in Wolverhampton’s Mander Shopping Centre such as Waterstones, Debenhams and New Look are often on the hunt for Sales Assistants, especially during the build-up to Christmas. They need new staff to meet seasonal demands, and you need some extra dollar (also to meet the seasonal demand of buying Christmas presents), so it’s a match made in heaven! The shopping centre is only a 13-minute walk from Liberty Heights, meaning no painfully long commutes during those cold winter mornings.

Make money through social media

Get social

Got a creative mind and/or a strong social media following? Then you might be able to make money through social media. Whether you’re selling homemade Christmas cards, being sponsored to write blog posts or doing Instagram takeovers for a brand, you may be able to find work that you can do from your student room. If you think this is the route you’d like to take, watch our webinar: How to make money as a student influencer in 7 steps. We're always on the lookout for content creators to join our Creative Community, which is a great opportunity to develop your skills in these areas.

Try tutoring


To get into uni, you must specialise in something, right?! So, if you’ve got a particular academic skill, why not pass it on to someone else? One option is to find part-time work as a tutor, perhaps teaching students going through their GCSEs, or offering to help international students with their English language skills. You could even do this from home using MyTutor.

Find work using social media


Yep, we’ve reached peak Internet - it is 2018, after all. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that you can often find work through Twitter. Try following relevant resources like your Student Union, or using other resources to check for vacancies. Why not share a post on your own page asking if anyone can get you some work? You never know who might see it and pass your request on to a contact or recruiter.

Whichever way you plan to make money in Wolverhampton, student residence Liberty Heights is well-placed for helping you in your job search. Good luck!

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