How to make the most of the Easter holidays


We’ve finally reached the long-awaited Easter break; you’re ready to head home, catch up with family and friends, and enjoy some time away from lectures and early mornings. But if the constant question in the back of your mind is ‘how can I do make the most of my time off on a student budget?’ then don’t worry, that’s where I step in. Today, I’ll be sharing some affordable (but most importantly, fun!), ideas to help you have a great Easter break...

Host an Easter-themed brunch

Easter brunch

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love brunch? Gather some friends and organise the perfect morning paired with delicious Easter-themed food, including hot cross buns, Easter bunny cupcakes and the classic omelette. If everyone chips in, this can work out so much cheaper than going out to eat (therefore, better for the student budget) and can also be a lot more enjoyable too.

Organise an Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

Nobody is going to turn down the idea of some competitive fun, especially with food as a reward… How about joining one of the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts run by National Trust? Or even creating your own at home? This is fun for all ages, meaning you can do it with your family or friends. Better yet, the hunt can be inside or outside (let’s be honest, English weather is so unpredictable).

Enjoy the spring weather and take a walk

Spring walk

I don’t think you could choose an activity that’s more affordable than simply going for a walk and enjoying nature! Not only are you burning off the chocolate that was just too hard to resist (because hey, it’s Easter), you can enjoy your surroundings and the start of the new season. Are you someone who likes to have a perfect Instagram feed? Well, you can capture some beautiful images if you stop and snap along the way.

Go and see baby animals

Little lambs

No matter how old you get, you’ll never be too old to enjoy the presence of baby animals; I know that it’s definitely one of my favourite things about spring. Take a trip to a farm or a zoo near you to see all of the adorable animals. It’s definitely worth checking if they offer student or group discounts – if they do, you can get a group together or go with your family to save a bit of money.  

Play an Easter-themed drinking game

Easter drinks

As much as the rest of these ideas were universally enjoyable activities, I felt as though I had to end on a note that separates students from the general population - our love for drinking games. Get your friends together, put on an Easter film, and… Well, we all know how drinking games work.

So, these are my suggestions for having a great Easter break. What are your plans for unwinding from university for a while?