How to make your Liberty Living student housing a home


Staying in Liberty Living student accommodation means your room is perfect for all of your student needs. A far cry from some of the dingy and freezing cold living arrangements out there, there are tons of advantages to staying with Liberty Living – and we’re sure you don’t need telling.

Your student housing is the first thing new friends at University will notice about you, but right now, it probably looks like exactly the same room as everyone else’s in your block. That’s fine – but as a person, we bet you’re nothing like them. So just how should you inject personality into your room? Short of dramatic moves like repainting the walls in crazy colours (don’t ever do that as it contradicts your AST!), then there isn’t really much you can add, right? Wrong. We’ve come up with ten tips to give you some ideas!

1. Memories form part of who we are, so why wouldn’t you want to put these on display to remind you of different times in your life? You can either buy or make your own photo frames, and print off some pictures to show off to all your new friends. These days, there are some great services where you can print direct from Facebook or even Instagram, so it’s ridiculously simple. This leads us on to…

2. Talking Points. If you’ve got a hobby, or a passion, why not put it on display for all to see? Whether it’s a snow globe at your bedside from your last holiday, a poster or gig tickets on your notice board, or a flyer for a club, society or sport’s team at University that you’re involved with, if it’s fun to you, then it’s worth sharing. You never know – you might find you have more in common with your flatmates and new friends than you think!

3. Teddies. This one might seem a little childish, but sometimes we all need a bit of home comfort, and dare we say it… even a cuddle! Whether you’re a guy or girl, teddies can be perfect for when you’re feeling a bit lonely or overwhelmed in your new environment. (Whether you keep them on display all the time is up to you!)

4. You’re not allowed candles, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the lighting in your room exciting! There are loads of different options available to you, from mood lights, to quirky lava lamps.

5. A rug can add a little splash of colour to your floor space, or even some comfort. There are so many patterns, shapes and sizes, so it’s always worth keeping a look out – contrary to what you might think; it’s possible to find a nice one on a budget! Not only do they help define a room, whether that’s through brightening it up or adding a dash of elegance, they also help insulate it, too. So if you’re a little more environmentally conscious, or just generally feel the cold, then that’s great news for you!

6. If you’re into your music, then you need to get a decent set of speakers. Note: ‘good’ does not necessarily mean ‘loud’. Although it’s inevitable that you’ll have people over during the course of your stay, noise disturbance isn’t going to go down too well with management. Decide whether you’re going more for aesthetics or quality, and you’re good to go.

7. There are tons of little trinkets you can pick up to line your shelves, and these can literally be anything. Ebay has some great low-cost items to help you decorate, or you could get something more meaningful. From a plant pot on your windowsill, to a VIP lanyard from the time you got backstage at a festival last year; these are the things that add a little something extra.

8. Bedding is a bit of an obvious one, but it’s something that’s so often overlooked. You can get some great deals on bedding sets, but it’s important to have a think about investing in a good duvet. You don’t have to stop at just your bedding, either. The bed forms the focal point of the room, and often sets the colour scheme. So some matching cushions, and even a throw, certainly wouldn’t go amiss either!

9. Not everything has to be new or cost loads. Whether you pick up a vintage mirror from a charity shop, or your Nan’s old chair, it can add a touch of the past to an otherwise 21st Century room. (Just be sure to check first about anything you bring, in case it breaks the fire regulations.)

10. Keep your room clean. This one is potentially really dull, but it’s true. When you first move out, you’ll probably notice that the dirty dishes don’t just wash themselves, and the clothes you threw onto the floor last week won’t pick themselves up, either. But one of the reasons this will eventually end up irritating you most is that it won’t be anything like at home. So the only solution, unfortunately, is to learn for yourself. The key way to make your flat homely is to look after it. After all, imagine someone’s first impression of you being that you live in a pigsty?

Remember, as with any room that you’re renting, it’s important to make sure you don’t make any permanent changes. With that said, you really don’t need to, when you’ve plenty to go on right here!

Liberty Living provides student accommodation in 17 university cities across the UK, including Bedford, London, Stoke plus many more.

Posted on 19th February 2014 by Claire L.

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