How to personalise your uni room (without losing your deposit)


Uni room looking a bit drab?

These are my top five tips on how to decorate it without damaging anything and losing your deposit.


1. Get creative with your noticeboard

cork board


Almost every uni room has a noticeboard and it has a LOT of potential.

If you don’t like the colour of your noticeboard, you can do what I did in second year and buy some material from a craft shop to cover it up.

I had a massive neon green board opposite my bed which I covered with dark blue fabric using dress pins.

This meant it went with all my other stuff and was more my style.

Of course, then you can add photos, posters, postcards, tickets and anything else you want to it! Time to get creative.


2. Make command hooks your best friend

Blu Tack and Sellotape aren’t an option for you if you’re in student accommodation or privately renting.

However, command hooks are a great solution as they don’t leave any marks and can easily be removed when you need to move out.

You can use them to hang decorations on, light-weight pictures or a mirror, or even a jacket or dressing gown on if you get the strong ones!


3. Make your bed a work of art



Your bed is one area where you can be as extra as you want.

If your room is plain with white or cream coloured walls, some colourful or patterned bed sheets will really change the space. Then it’s time to accessorise with throws and cushions.

Head to Pinterest for bedding inspo and learn how to make it look 5* hotel worthy.


4. Bring meaningful 'bits'



You might not have a lot of space, but a few ornaments that remind you of meaningful people, places and times can add a much-needed personal touch to a bare uni room.

You can place these on your desk or your chest of drawers and they’ll remind you of happy times every time you glance at them.

Alternatively: PLANTS. These are great at making a room feel more dressed and sophisticated. Just make sure you pick low maintenance ones!


5. Stick things on your wardrobe or cupboards



If your wardrobe or cupboards are made of a material that won’t be ruined by Blu Tack, these are great places to stick pictures or positive messages to give you a little boost as you get dressed in the morning.

You can get small postcards from Paperchase with positive affirmations like ‘YOU GOT THIS’ and ‘YES YOU CAN’ that are great to stick up as a daily reminder that you can totally do this whole uni thing.

paperchase postcards

(Image: Postcards from Paperchase)


You’ll create a lovely, cosy space to relax in after a long day of studying by following these top tips, and you won’t cause any damage to the walls – perfect!

Happy decorating!

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