How to pretend you’re on a summer holiday


It’s finally the time we’ve been waiting for all year: summer! Unfortunately, we can’t all afford to rent a villa in Tuscany or jet off on a five-star holiday to the Caribbean, especially on a student budget. However, you can still have a fabulous time by recreating some summer holiday fun – right in your own back garden (or the park if you prefer)! You won’t even know the difference, honestly…

1. Wear flip flops everywhere

And we mean everywhere. While you’re at it, why not wear your most tropical outfit in the comfort of your own garden? Dresses, Hawaiian shirts and/or swimwear are all perfect – if there’s a pineapple print involved, even better! Now all you need is for the hot weather to last and it’ll be just like you’re sunning yourself on an exotic beach.

2. Have a constant stream of ice cream to hand

Move over, peas, because nothing says summer like a fridge full of ice cream. When you’re hot after relaxing outside all afternoon, an ice cream or lolly is just what you need – so refreshing! We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty certain that it doesn’t count as a holiday unless there’s ice cream involved.

3. Make every hour cocktail o’clock

Step numbero uno in recreating a summer holiday is, of course, mixing up some cocktails. Think margaritas, piña coladas and mojitos. Or, you can always whip up a tasty mocktail using fruit juices for a non-alcoholic option. Mmm, tastes like a holiday!

4. Invite some friends to your holiday

Everything’s more fun with friends, so invite them over to soak up the holiday vibes. Serve up your cocktails or mocktails in a picturesque pitcher and enjoy the sun in your best beachwear. It’ll be just like you’re on the Spanish coast – don’t let any of your friends tell you otherwise. If they do, make them leave. No one likes a fun sponge.

5. Pretend you don’t know what day of the week it is

If you’re fairly certain you know what day of the week it is, then you’re faking your holiday wrong. Try your best to forget. Don’t look at calendars and avoid your phone’s home screen at all costs. You could even change your phone to another time zone to confuse your body clock even further. A bit OTT? Nah, your friends will thank you for the confusion.

6. Listen to the best summer beats

Create a fun, vibrant atmosphere by playing some upbeat summer tunes. You can make your own summer playlist, which is a fun thing to do if you have a spare afternoon, or you can always stream one on Spotify or Apple Music. You might discover your new favourite summer anthem – cue the same song being played on repeat for hours (despite grumbles from the neighbours).

7. Crack out your best beach read

There’s nothing like reading in the sun – hello, relaxing afternoon. Pick up your nearest magazine or book and immerse yourself in another world. For a really convincing beach read, spray a couple of pages with sun lotion then complain that you can’t read what happened on last week’s Love Island because it’s too creamy. Not a mag fan? Check out Goodreads, Waterstones or Amazon for the top summer picks if you need some inspiration.

So, there you have it, seven simple ways to recreate a holiday.

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