How to secure last-minute student accommodation


Getting a uni place through Clearing or Adjustment requires a lot of researching, calling and making big decisions.

Unfortunately, there’s a little more of that to come afterwards. Because before you can relax completely, you need to find a place to live.

Here’s what to do.

Find last-minute accommodation


Think about your requirements

Keeping your budget in mind, make a list of the things you’d like your accommodation to have.

Things to consider:

  • Room types
  • Facilities
  • Distance from campus or the city
  • Who you want to live with

It’s worth remembering that, as you’ll be looking quite late in the application cycle, you won’t necessarily have every option available to you. So try to be flexible and open-minded as you look.


Understand your options

You (probably) have 3 routes available to you: university halls, private halls or a shared house.

We've written a blog to help you figure out which of these is right for you based on the requirements you've identified above.


  • University halls

Sometimes, universities reserve rooms for Clearing students and can guarantee you a place if you apply before a certain point.

Call your uni’s housing department to enquire about this. If nothing’s available, they can point you towards other options, including…


  • Private halls

Private halls aren’t run by your university but they share a lot of the same perks as uni halls including being close to campus or the city centre, and having a big community of student residents.

Liberty Living has private halls across the UK with availability for Clearing students.

You can browse these now.


  • Shared flat or house

Alternatively, you might want to live in a privately-owned flat or house with a smaller group of people.

You could either try sites like Spareroom in which you can search for a room in an existing flat or house share.

Or if you want to hunt for a place with other people, you could visit The Student Room forums to see if there's anyone else in your university city that's in the same boat as you and looking for accommodation.

Once you've assembled a group, check out sites like Rightmove Students, StuRents or Zoopla and see what's available within your joint budget. 


Keep calm

Being without a home is admittedly panic-inducing. But things aren’t as desperate as they might seem.

You probably thought you weren’t going to uni a short while ago and look at you now!

You just need to keep as calm as possible and have faith that you’ll find somewhere great to spend your first year. Whichever route you're exploring, speak to your university's student housing department for help and advice if you're struggling. 

Good luck!


Liberty Living have rooms available across the UK for Clearing and Adjustment students. Check them all out here

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