How to stay healthy and beat the bugs


Smoothies and juices are a great way to get your 5 a day without having to eat lots of raw spinach and kale which is certainly not appealing! If you’re not a fan of breakfast cereals or don’t have time in the morning to eat a hearty meal then whip up a fibre-packed fruit smoothie for a healthy start, and then top up your vitamins and fruit intake throughout the day.

I’ve recently purchased a Nutribullet and fallen in love with this gizmo but there are many cheaper alternatives – the main thing when living in student accommodation is to get one that doesn’t clutter up your room and is easy to use and clean.

Here are a few of my favourite recipes that I’ve been trying out but don’t be afraid to experiment and add your favourite fruits.

The breakfast smoothie: this one is thick and creamy (but still healthy) and will keep you feeling full throughout the morning. You will need:

• 1 banana for fibre
• 3-4 prunes or dates for sweetness
• A pinch of cinnamon for flavour
• 1 spoonful of oats
• Milk – I use soy but regular, coconut or almond milk would also work well

Simply slice up your banana, chop the prunes or dates to remove any stones and pop them all into the blender and add your milk until it covers the mixture, then blend until smooth. If you want to drink it on the go then choose a blender that comes with cups and non-drip lids.

The flu buster: it’s still a bit chilly in March and loads of people are still coming down with coughs and colds but this smoothie will give your immune system a boost to help you fight them off. You will need:

• 1 peeled carrot
• 1 orange
• ½ a lemon or lime
• A squirt of honey for sweetness
• A small knob of ginger (optional but the best remedy for cold and flu systems!) 

This one is lovely and tangy and will give you more energy. Peel the carrot, ginger and orange. Squeeze your half of a lemon or lime and add as much honey depending on how sweet you fancy it. Then cover with water (milk would taste horrible!) and add a couple of ice cubes to make it even more refreshing, and whizz it all up. Be warned that this one is quite pulpy and thick but still delicious!

Berry Blast: this one is my absolute favourite as it’s packed with anti-oxidants and leafy greens that you can’t even taste! You will need:

• 1 cup of berries – it’s cheaper to buy a big bag of frozen berries that will last you all week – go for a mixture of blackberries, blueberries and cherries for a good range of flavours
• 1 handful of baby spinach or kale (don’t worry I promise you can’t taste it!)
• ½ a cup of seeds – I’d recommend sunflower or sesame but it’s up to you
• ½ a cup of nuts – chopped walnuts or cashews work well
• Throw it all in and cover with water – the greens should make up half of the blender so check and if you want a more creamy consistency then add a banana

Why not give these a try and then come up with your own to experiment with, and don’t forget to share your creations on Facebook! Team up with a couple of friends in your residence to share the cost of the ingredients and motivate each other to stick to a smoothie a day to get your daily dose of vitamins, fruit and vegetables – and lets beat these nasty bugs together!

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Posted on 27th October 2015 by Elinore Court.

Elinore Court lives at Liberty House in London, she is studying a masters degree in Magazine Journalism at City University.

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