How to stay in touch with your school friends at university


So, you’re about to leave school after spending 14 years (that’s over three quarters!) of your life there. Right now, you’re probably full of excitement, panic and nostalgia for your school days and friends. We know how scary it can feel to be going to university without the BFF you’ve known for years. Staying in touch can be hard, but there are plenty of ways to make sure you stay close to your besties, even if you’re miles apart.

1. Take a trip

Plan a visit to see your friends, as it could be a good opportunity to meet new people too. To mix things up, why not meet somewhere in the middle? It’s great to spend some quality time away from the hectic nature of university life. If you spot a gig or event in another city, book tickets for you and a friend and meet up in the city for the evening – you can always travel home after. Treat it as your own mini break!

2. Get your besties involved

Whether it’s a new flatmate across the corridor or someone from your course who makes you laugh between lectures, it’s natural to be excited about the new friends you make when you move away.

So, keep your friends from back home involved in your new social circle and invite them up for the weekend to get to know everyone. Chances are, because they get on with you, they’ll also hit it off with your new friends! Every student residence has different guidelines about guests staying, so check that you’re allowed to have visitors before making plans.

At Liberty Living, we understand it’s important to catch up with your home friends, so our residences allow students to have guests stay for up to two nights at a time.

3. Give them the thumbs up

Thanks to social tools and technology, you can still interact with friends when you’re miles apart. We all know how easy it is to send updates, ‘like’ photos or share something that made you laugh through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

According to a study into long-distance friendships, 65% of Facebook-using participants saw the social network as having “a positive effect on their friendship”. So, get tagging, tweeting and liking!

4. FaceTime to FaceTime

If you need an old-fashioned face-to-face chat, why not try a FaceTime, WhatsApp or Skype call? It’s the closest you can get to catching up in person! You can even give your bestie a tour of your new home or introduce them to your flatmates. Scheduling in a weekly call to catch up will give you both something to look forward to, but don’t forget to meet people around you too.

We understand how important it is to stay in touch with your old friends, as well as find new ones. Our student experience programme is packed with events throughout the year and will give you plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

5. Get your Netflix fix together

Making the effort to do things together is important - after all, friendship is a two-way street. Why not bond over something that you both enjoy, even when you’re miles apart?

Whether it’s using Netflix Party to watch your favourite series together or playing a computer game online, sharing moments, even in a virtual sense, will make it feel just like old times.

6. Pick up a pen

While it may seem old fashioned, there’s no greater satisfaction than sending and receiving handwritten letters, especially if they’re full of in-jokes that no one else will understand! You’ll have the opportunity to get crafty and creative while also updating them on what you’ve been doing. Check out sites like Pinterest to get some inspiration on how you and your best friend can become pen pals.

Many students meet friends for life at university, so don’t forget about all the exciting people around you! We know that your social life is as important as your studies, which is why our residences have great communal areas that are perfect for getting to know your new neighbours and building long-lasting friendships. Explore your options in 19 UK cities!

If you’re lucky enough to have any home friends going to the same university as you, be sure to check our group booking offer.

Have you got tips on how to maintain friendships while you’re at university? Let us know on Twitter @LibertyLivingUK.