How to survive Freshers' Week if you don't drink


One of the most exciting parts about going to university is Freshers’ Week.

You’re in a new city, with new friends and a whole new life ahead of you and Freshers’ Week is the perfect way to kick start it all.

But there’s no denying that it involves a whole load of late nights, clubbing and heavy drinking. So it’s easy to see why those of you who don’t drink much or any alcohol might be anxious.

But don’t worry. Here are some top tips on how to survive Freshers’ Week and still have an amazing time without the stereo-typically large quantities of booze.


no alcohol


Don’t opt out of flat fun and games

A good mantra to keep in mind is: “So what if I don’t drink?”

Refraining from alcohol may mean you’re designated as the most responsible member of the group but it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in social events.

And you can still get involved in pre-night-out games too. All without the risk of having to down the ‘dirty pint’ during Ring of Fire…

You could act as ringmaster or referee in any flat games – or simply play along without a drink.

That way, you’re still part of the fun, just without a fuzzy head in the morning.


Like clubbing? Go clubbing

Experiencing the nightlife in a new city is a must, and you don’t need a beer in hand to do this.

Get yourself out and about, visit all the clubs you feel like and don’t let ‘not drinking’ hold you back.

Clubs are places where you can just enjoy the atmosphere, dance the night away and meet other students.

So, grab your ID and get out there!


Find ‘dry’ events

Nowadays, Freshers' Week isn't quite as “drink-heavy” as it used to be.

As more and more students are opting to go tee-total, most universities offer ‘dry’ day-time events like city tours, restaurant visits, sports matches and society taster sessions.

There will be plenty of options for you to choose from, and there’s a good chance you’ll meet lots of like-minded people and future friends at these events.


You do you

Yes, being a Fresher involves trying a lot of new things but that doesn’t mean you need to change yourself.

Even if people *gasp* when they discover you’re not alcohol’s biggest fan, just remain true to yourself and don’t give into peer pressure or feel insecure about your decisions.

If anyone makes you feel this way, they’re probably not worth sticking with anyway.


Importantly, don’t let concerns about not drinking stop you from looking forward to or enjoying Freshers’ Week.

Treat this first, fun week as a reward all the hard work that got you into uni in the first place. It’s a time to be excited about what’s ahead of you – not fretful about your unwillingness to get drunk!

So try and shed those worries, embrace it, and get involved!

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