I love libraries


I have always been a massive fan of libraries. I love books, always have and always will. Whatever is in the atmosphere of libraries that makes me feel so good should be prescribed by doctors and nurses. 

Throughout secondary school I worked as a student librarian for seven years and people used to say to me ‘Don’t you ever get bored?’. My reply was always the same ‘Absolutely not, the people I worked with were just amazing’. Even now I still miss it. All groups at school have their own spot where they gather, the group I was a part of met in the library. That was our sanctuary!

The University of Bedfordshire’s library had some competition. I’m certainly not the one to complain, but I am quite disheartened by the University’s library. There is not really an atmosphere. It is great to see people in there and I cannot deny that the resources, facilities and equipment is bad, because it is fantastic. My main shock is the absence of a leisure section, unless I am very much mistaken and university libraries do not have a leisure section where a person can just go and borrow a book of fiction or non-fiction that is not work related. My flatmate wanted to borrow an autobiography on a singer she liked just to read in her own time but there was nothing. All the academic books are great and helpful but seriously! Where is the leisure section? I am sure that there are plenty of ardent readers on campus that might appreciate it, plus I think people of all ages should be encouraged to read. I have only briefly been in Luton’s campus library and I am not too sure what the library is like there but I hope they have a leisure section…right that is enough rambling for one day, I sound like a cross between Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy. 

However, the town library itself is very impressive and the location of Bedford’s library is easy to excess because it is right in the middle of the town centre. They have everything there and I would highly recommend people to go and visit. 

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Posted on 13th May 2014 by Forrest Dunbar.

Forrest is a 1st year undergraduate staying at Liberty Park, Liberty Living's student accommodation in Bedford.

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