I’m missing London


So, it is half term and lots of my friends, as well as myself, have gone back home to see family and friends. Being back home in Derby has been difficult due to the fact  that the majority of my belongings are in my student accommodation back in London. The difference for me is I’ve not gone back home to study or to even spend some quality time with my family, I’m actually back home because I’m working for two and a half weeks to earn some extra pocket money.

There are many things I‘m missing about living in London, for starters the pace of life… which I know sounds strange! When I come home everyone just plods along without a care in the world, walking as slow as a snail. People in my home town have no understanding of how an escalator works, for example, you STAND on the right hand side and WALK up the left hand side! The other small issue I have had is settling back into living with someone all the time in the same space. I know that staying in Liberty Living’s student accommodation means I live with students, but I don’t actually ‘live’ with them. I still come and go as I please, eat when I want to and I don’t need to be up and awake until I want to. However, moving back home means I lose some of the independence I get from living in student housing. Suddenly I’m back sharing a house with someone instead of having a room to myself where I can make a brew and not have to worry about asking anyone else if they want one… is that me being selfish?

It’s not all bad though, there are some great things about living back at home which counter the downsides of not being in London. One of the best things has been getting to work on an air-conditioned form of public transport. When I get home from work my tea is on the table ready and waiting plus I don’t have to worry about doing revision and then needing to make myself food as well. 

The best thing is having someone who knows nothing about what I do in my degree because it helps me with my revision. That way, whilst I’m recapping everything that I’ve learnt this year they are also learning with me which makes my revision easier. One thing I should say is living back home does help my studies and concentration levels, I love student life and living in student accommodation but it has been nice not having people knocking on my front door enticing me to come out so I can focus on my revision.

So, yes I am missing London and living in the city that makes me the happiest. But at the same time, the majority of the people I love and care about are here in my hometown and this is what makes being away from my student accommodation and London easier.

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Posted on 24th April 2014 by Jessica H.

Jessica H. is a 1st year Journalism undergraduate staying at one of Liberty Living’s 5 student residences in London. She has been writing a variety of blogs about being a student and living in student accommodation.

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