Introducing Forrest Dunbar from ITV2’s Freshers documentary


So, we have introduced a few guest bloggers that will be working with us and we’re pleased to announce that we’ve managed to recruit another, a big welcome to Forrest Dunbar from the team here at Liberty Living!

Forrest moved away from home last September to study English at the University of Bedfordshire and took part in a documentary called ‘Freshers’ that was broadcasted on ITV2 in 2013. Here is his first blog:

Fear! Panic! I am never going to make friends, what will my flatmates be like? These are just some of the negative thoughts that go through student’s minds when they wake up on the morning of starting university.

However, I have to admit that I did not have time to consider these emotions. My first day was not exactly typical. Yes, it has to be said that I never envisaged arriving at the University of Bedfordshire with a film crew attached to me. On that day, I never once thought ‘my goodness I’m leaving home and living in a new environment! My focus was ‘my word, I am actually helping ITV 2 by being a part of a television documentary and representing Bedford’s university’. This was a challenge Forrest Dunbar was never going to turn down. The day I got the call saying that they wanted to follow me about was a sentence that I could have only imagined, knowing that it was the reality…well let’s just say if anyone was in my company, they would have thought I had taken a lethal amount of drugs! I was bouncing off the walls with excitement.

During the making of ‘Freshers’ (which was the beginning of the first two weeks) I was having a ball, it was a dream that I was achieving therefore nerves and anxiety never came into the picture. Even now I still thank my lucky stars that ITV gave me a chance! It did surprise me, as the minute I met the crew I bombarded them with ‘Forrestisms’. Why they didn’t run away in fright, is a question I still ask myself.

Now when the nerves did start kicking in, was the night the programme was being broadcasted, my first viewing was when the whole nations was watching it. The executive producer rang me up to tell me the order of what was happening but it’s not the same as watching it. When the first part finished I went onto Twitter to see the reaction (something which we were told not to do but I cannot help myself). I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback, I cannot express my thanks enough to my supporting fans, I will be eternally grateful.

However, I still believe that my fantastic start was due to the excellent support from the university (i.e. English lecturers and peers, H Block and Liberty Living staff). But mostly thanks to the babes from my flat: Ella, Chantelle, Summer and Calum. You’re all wonderful!

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Posted on 20th March 2014 by Forrest Dunbar.

Forrest is a 1st year undergraduate staying at Liberty Park, Liberty Living's student accommodation in Bedford.

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