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For many students, University is where you become totally independent and one thing which comes with independence is cooking for yourself. It’s easy to become stuck in the cycle of eating the same thing every week, and eight times out of ten these meals won’t be the healthiest. These are some things students can add to their kitchen to make meals more interesting and ensures that frozen meals aren’t all that your kitchen holds:

Smoothie Maker:

It can be difficult to stay healthy while at University, and getting your 5-a-day is definitely easier said than done. Paying out for a smoothie maker is a way which ensures you get all the fruit for your day in one tasty drink. They don’t take up too much room in the kitchen and it also means that you can buy frozen fruit (or freeze fresh fruit) and microwave it when you need to, it doesn’t matter if it goes squishy because it’s going to be blended anyway! It can be done in advance too, making the smoothie the night before and keeping it in the fridge until the morning means that you can get up and go with a healthy breakfast which will keep you going throughout the day!

Slow Cooker:

I know what you might be thinking: ‘the only people with slow-cookers are my parents and grandparents’. Well you’re wrong! Having a slow cooker is a great way to cook meat throughout the day while at lectures or at night while you sleep and there’s no arguing that meat which has been slow-cooked tastes miles better. True, some are big and bulky, taking up lots of space - but you can also buy one-person slow cookers which are easily tucked away. Not only can you cook joints of meat, but full meals throughout the day like spaghetti bolognaise and curries.

Portion Controlling Pasta Basket:

There’s not doubt that pasta is a staple in most students’ diet. The problem I’ve always seen however, is that it’s nearly impossible to portion it for one person. There always ends up being enough pasta to feed the entire flat for three days, and as kind as that might be, this isn’t ideal for one. Without making a dent in your loan, a portion controlling pasta basket not only means that you can cook enough pasta for one meal, but also acts as a colander – one less kitchen utensil to buy! This should definitely be in everyone’s kitchen, knowing how much I rely on pasta as a versatile meal without feeding your seminar group.

George Foreman Grill:

A George Foreman may sound like a bit of an investment, but when you actually think about how many different things can be cooked on it, it doesn’t seem like such a bank-breaking amount. Bacon, burgers, chicken, paninis, steak, gammon, sausages are all things which can be grilled using a George Foreman, that allows for a diverse weekly meal plan for any person who relies on eating a lot of meat! Coming in different sizes, the smaller ones can be hidden at the back of cupboard, but if you have to leave it on the kitchen worktop, they’re stylish enough that it will add an air of sophistication to what is otherwise probably a bit of a mess!


Less of a gadget, but important none-the-less, a steamer will allow you to include more vegetables into your evening meal. Putting some broccoli, carrots and cauliflower in your steamer will mean that they cook at the same speed as the boiling potatoes underneath, everything will be done and you can include a decent amount of health to your dinner! Not only does it keep you healthy, which becomes increasingly difficult around University work and pure laziness, but it means that you take up less space on the hob. Without having a separate pan for boiling vegetables, other flatmates could make use of the kitchen and increase space, which means that there’s less chance of a flat-mate domestic – and the less of those the better!

Those were 5 student friendly kitchen gadgets, I hope you find them helpful and some of them may find their way into your flat!

Emily Best lives in Liberty Works, Sheffield. She is studying English and is in her 1st year at Sheffield Hallam University.

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