Leaving your student accommodation this Christmas?


So by now, around two months from the craziness of Fresher’s week, I can imagine most of you have settled in to your room and flats; personalising your own room and reserving your own cupboard in the kitchen. Yet, Christmas is quickly approaching and before you know it, it will be time to spend some quality time with the family and embrace the festive spirit! But don’t worry, Liberty Living won’t be throwing you out completely over the Christmas period so don’t go packing up too quickly.

The excitement of Christmas is around the corner and it’s time to think about our ‘second home’ before we start singing ‘Jingle Bells’ and pulling crackers. You might be thinking: what about my keys? Do I need to hand them in? What about my belongings? Well, worry no more! You can keep your keys and take them back home with you, just like I will be! Yet, make sure you don’t go giving them out ‘left right and centre’ to any friends or family members whilst you aren’t around – nobody likes uninvited guests!

Also, don’t worry about your belongings or possessions in your room or flats, the reception within your halls will be manned over the Christmas holidays whether that is with Liberty Living staff or security. So, don’t worry about any possessions left behind, they will be in safe hands! But, make sure you take everything you may possibly need with you; you don’t want to be trailing all the way back to your halls for a forgotten tooth brush or phone charger.

Within Liberty Plaza in Newcastle, which may be similar to yours halls, Liberty Living staff put notices up around the flats and blocks regularly, rather than by email or post. This is the same with the festive season. This Christmassy info can be seen along corridors and in the reception to inform us about ‘what to do’; just in case we need a reminder during the hustle and bustle of Santa coming, and assignment deadlines.

These include things such as: remember to turn your lights off, take out bins, empty fridges etc: all the things that will make your flat a joy to return back to in January. By all means, if you have any issues, the Liberty Living team for your residence are just an email or phone call away if you have any questions!

So, without further ado here’s a checklist I have put together for you to make sure that you’ve got everything covered:

1) Take your keys with you and don’t lend them out to any friends or family.
2) Don’t worry about the safety of your flat: Liberty Living have got that covered.
3) Check notices or information about Christmas procedures in your halls.
4) Clean your flat, empty fridges/bins and organise belongings… although it may seem like a chore!
5) AND finally, have the most wonderful Christmas.

All that’s left to do now is buy some tinsel and a box of Quality Street (or Celebrations… whatever you fancy) and wait for Elf to be shown on TV.

Laura Elizabeth Buckle lives at Liberty Plaza in Newcastle and is a 1st year student studying Journalism, Media and Culture at Newcastle University.

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