Liberty Heights joins the Manchester 3000 charity climb!


After two successful years of fundraising for Manchester 3000, Frazer John recruitment is back for its third year partnering with Big Change, Street Support. This year, Liberty Heights, Manchester are proud to be joining the top 10 tallest and most iconic buildings in the city of Manchester for this great cause.

Two teams are set to climb up and down the stairwells of each building with the ascent roughly at 3,000ft including 5 miles of running between each of the buildings.

The event is set to take place on Friday 23rd June, with both the groups starting out at Beetham Tower at 2:45pm where Group 1 aim to reach Liberty Heights at approximately 4pm and Group 2 due at 3pm.

Tom Vickers, General Manager at Liberty Heights, Manchester said: “We’re delighted to be part of the Manchester 3000 race this year which raises awareness as well as vital funds for the charity. We wish all participants well whilst taking part and will be ready to cheer them on at Liberty Heights.”

The run is of course for a great cause, to support and raise funds for the homeless situation in Manchester. Street Support are an online resource that currently provide aid for homelessness in the cities of Manchester and Leeds. Their mission is simple, to make it as easy for those experiencing homelessness to get accessible help when they need it. Street Support allow businesses and individuals to do something to help, where just a small action can make such a big impact and positive changes to homelessness. Statistics show there are currently over 625 volunteers registered with Street Support with 118 offers of help/items.

Dominic Brightmore, Senior Consultant at Frazer John Recruitment said: “Frazer John Recruitment have decided to run this year’s Manchester 3000 for Big Change MCR, a fund set up by Street Support to tackle homelessness in the city. According to the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the number of rough sleepers in Manchester has increased by a massive 361% since 2010; anyone who lives, works or visits the city regularly can testify to that.

Lots of people want to help, but are unsure how best they can. Substance abuse is clearly an issue that often puts people off wanting to give; Big Change MCR is designed to tackle this problem head on and is a brilliant way for individuals or companies to donate money knowing it will go towards the right things.

We felt it fitting to aim high (3,000ft precisely) when at ground level the homelessness situation is spiralling out of control.”

If you’ve thought about donating or volunteering before why not start with the Manchester 3000 and join us at Liberty Heights for the day by supporting the teams climbing the buildings, or even just donating a little spare change. A little goes a long way and you’ll not only be supporting a fantastic charity and helping those in need, the gift of giving generates gratitude and is good for your health!

It also is very rewarding and has been proven to lead on to other positive actions. There’s always people in need of a helping hand and by starting, you may even encourage and motivate your friends and family to give! In the words of John Bunyan, “You’ve never really lived until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you.”