Looking for some ideas this Easter?


I think we can agree that Easter is one of the greatest holidays out there. Like Pancake Day, it is a great excuse to eat a lot of naughty treats guilt-free.

Whether you will be attending Church or celebrating with friends this year, here are a few ideas to mark Easter Day.

1) An Easter egg hunt: this is an obvious but essential choice. Burn a few calories by hiding the chocolate eggs upstairs or in hard to reach places so you will get your morning jog and stretches in with the added bonus of chocolate as a reward. Hide the eggs in the trickiest nooks and crannies and race each other to the finish line. If you don’t fancy setting it up yourself then there are some great Easter egg hunts in London to sign up to.

2) Easter Roast: this may not be an official tradition but it is still a great one. Organise the perfect roast with your friends or family by assigning a part of the meal to each person – leave boiling the carrots or putting the cranberry sauce in a bowl to the least experienced chefs and the actual roasting to the pros. Also don’t forget decorating, laying the table and dinner playlists – it’s a team effort and can be made fun. If that sounds too challenging then it’s only slightly cheating if you go to the pub instead, don’t worry.

3) Painting boiled egg shells: this may sound like an odd one but it’s a timeless tradition that is celebrated across Europe and lets you bring out your creative side. With a bit of patience throwback to your primary school days and crack out the paints, sequins and prit-stick. This works well when fuelled with wine and an Easter egg for the most beautifully painted egg.

4) Easter-themed night out: any excuse for a party is a good one – this age-old mantra for most uni students. From dressing up in chicken onesies to shots of crème egg liquor (yes, this exists) check your local club nights for a more wild side of Easter. PS: drinking games should only involve chocolate/sweet drinks e.g. baileys or ones that require eggs like a White Lady.

5) Easter egg games: Easter tends to bring out the kid in you so why not embrace it with some traditional games? How about an egg and spoon race, egg flipping or organised egg rolling competitions? Check out this link for some Easter egg game inspiration, there are so many great ways to win prizes and let your hair down; it is a bank holiday after all.

So there you have it, a few very silly but fun ways to celebrate the Easter holidays. Even if you don’t celebrate the traditions and meaning behind it all, get stuck in to some chocolate and just enjoy yourself. If you’re not going home for Easter then get a group of friends together from your student accommodation to ensure a memorable time. If all the options appeal to you then remember that it’s a four day bank holiday weekend so feel free to stretch it out and try them all!

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Posted on 30th March 2015 by Elinore Court.

Elinore Court lives at Liberty House in London, she is studying a masters degree in Magazine Journalism at City University.

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