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As the Easter holidays draw closer and uni fatigue kicks in, it’s time to start planning your perfect trip away before it’s too late. Make the most of the long holidays and student loans that you get during your studying, or you might regret it later.

If you’re on a tight budget then try the Hostelworld app and be sure to filter the results so you can see the cheapest options. Always read the fine print and the reviews and don’t forfeit essentials like lockers or bedding just because it’s cheaper. Set aside plenty of time to find one that suits everyone’s needs to avoid any conflict upon arrival and make sure you confirm every booking through the app so you don’t arrive to a strange town with nowhere to stay.

Another great option is Airbnb which gives you some amazing deals on rooms or even entire flats and houses depending on where you’re heading. Once you’ve factored in travel times from the main stations or the capital city, look for deals with the best reviews of the host, because they can often enhance your trip by giving you useful tips and suggestions from a local but not all are as willing to help.

Using these tools can really help you find places you wouldn’t have even considered visiting because it doesn’t just have to be Rome, Paris or Amsterdam, there are so many options out there that it’s fun to experiment and try something new with your friends. Romania has made it onto The Lonely Planet Guide’s best value destinations and is on the interrailing route so this could be an interesting option as it’s filled with beautiful castles, medieval towns and scenic cycle routes all available at a much cheaper price than the main hotspots.

Although Berlin is a popular choice it isn’t always the cheapest. According to The Guardian, Lepizig is the new Berlin, and people are already catching on to this thriving City so make sure that you visit it before it gets too crowded and expensive!

Or why not stay closer to home and plan a mini-break? Punting in Cambridge or walking the walls of York are popular options, plus Bournemouth has world-famous beaches, the Yorkshire Dales have the best picnic spots and walking trails, and you can book sea-view cottages in Cornwall for as little as £100 per week! They might not seem like the most exciting options but with a bit of digging, patience and research you can find the perfect destinations for your friends without travelling too far.

Another useful part of travelling as a student is that every problem shared is a problem halved, so gauge which skills each of your friends have and put them to the best use. Share tasks like budgeting, itinerary and travel routes to make the trip run more smoothly.

Once you’ve established this and gathered the best travelling crew together then the world is your oyster! Regularly keep an eye out for cheap deals on flights and plan ahead to get the best prices on accommodation before it’s snapped up in the pre-holiday booking madness.

Happy holiday hunting!

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Posted on 26th March 2015 by Elinore Court.

Elinore Court lives at Liberty House in London, she is studying a masters degree in Magazine Journalism at City University.

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