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So, as I have been studying Fashion at Barnsley College for the past 2 years, I will shortly be moving on to the next stages of my life which will be studying at University. This has never been an option, I have always, for as long as I can remember, wanted to go to University, and as many students like me, this has been the dream.  

After a few other places my next interview was at Southampton Solent. I was really looking forward to it, I had no idea why because at the time it was my last choice. It was a 4 and a half hours drive, but as soon as we got into Southampton I just said 'I love it here' I hadn't even got over the bridge and I could see the docks which looked amazing. My interview went brilliantly and I had an instant buzz about being there, I loved everything about it. The course itself, tutors and the girls I'd just met felt like I’d had known them ages, everyone was just so nice and polite.

I knew that if I got an offer, I was going to Southampton! I still gave Salford a chance because I might still change my mind. As soon as I got there I just wasn't interested, I had Solent on my mind and I didn't want to be in Manchester, or anywhere else. Waiting for my reply from Southampton Solent felt like I was waiting forever, turns out I had got a conditional offer which means that I have to wait for my grades back which I only needed 3 merits and I was set out to get distinctions. Thinking of it now, I feel sorry for the poor guy on the phone which I screamed down it when he told me that I'd got the offer. Really got to find out who he was to apologise once I get there. 

So I confirmed my place at Southampton Solent and then started looking at student accommodation which secretly I had been for months and had Liberty Quays on my mind all the time. I gave all the other accommodations a chance and still had a look what they had to offer but deep down I knew I wanted to stay with Liberty Living. I definitely wanted an en-suite and just a nice place to live as I was going to be there for at least a year. Liberty Quays is private accommodation but they work in partnership with Southampton Solent University, the Uni confirmed that I would still be part of Freshers as they make sure they involve Liberty Quays with all the events. 

I had previously followed @LibertyLivingUK on Twitter and liked their page on Facebook to gain more information. I explained the situation and straight away they gave me all the information I was wanting and asked if my mum and i would like to go down to Southampton and have a look round, meet with the Liberty Quays team and see what would hopefully be my new home.

I was so excited to go and see where I'd be hopefully living in the next year and after travelling down 4 and a half hours from my home town, it did not disappoint. In my opinion, Liberty Quays is the best looking building out of all the others and would definitely recommend if you want to live in a more modern building, close to the Uni and the City Centre.

Even though Liberty Quays is a private accommodation it has different blocks where 2nd and 3rd years can also stay as well as over 250 Southampton Solent freshers, which I hope to be one of!  All the other Uni halls are within a 30 second walking distance of each other and the university is a 5-10 minute walk which is not long at all and really straight forward. 

So once we got there we met the Liberty Quays team, I was looking forward to having a chat and finding out different bits of information about Liberty Living, some of which I'd already knew from researching it online.  After having a sit down and chat it was clear to me where I wanted to be staying. Everyone in Southampton is so, so nice and would honestly really recommend having a visit down there, all Liberty Living buildings welcome students to come and have a look round over the summer which is great! 

They even arranged a tour for my mum and I to have a look around the University because she hadn't been down before, I thought that was so lovely of them to do. We decided to walk up to the University to get my brain working for my journey that I will be doing everyday and actually it wasn't that long at all. We met one of the girls at the Students Union, had a tour around and she gave us all the relevant information about Solent, even in June I just could not wait for September! 

After we said goodbye and see you soon, my mum and I headed off to the shopping centre, West Quays, where I handed my CV's out for a job and the day after, when I'd got home, I'd received a phone call from Zara offering me one for September which I was absolutely over the moon with! 

Choosing Southampton was definitely the best choice I have ever made looking at the opportunities I am already getting and it can only get better! Extremely looking forward to the big move and cannot wait to meet everyone!!!

Liberty Living provides student accommodation, including summer accommodation, in 17 university cities across the UK, including LondonMedwayPreston plus many more.

Posted on 8th July 2014 by Grace.

Grace is  a college student  who is hoping to come to Southampton in September to study at Solent University. 

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