Must see markets this Christmas


Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, no competition there. The day itself is for enjoyment with family and friends, exchanging gifts and just all round merriness. However, sometimes I think the best part of Christmas is the build up to the actual day. Counting how many sleeps until the 25th, the influx of Christmas jingles you hear everywhere and most importantly, the different events and places you can visit.

Christmas markets are one of my favourite places to take a wander and they are held in various cities. Going to a Christmas market is the equivalent of a Narnia experience; a different world where the only thing you see is food, trinkets and lights. The UK has some top Christmas markets destinations I would advise anyone to attend, even if you only do it once!

Dates: 20th November – 3rd January
London at Christmas is more or less the gift that just doesn’t stop giving. The capital has only one goal at Christmas, bring cheer to every individual who attends any of their events. The Christmas Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is only one of the many highlights but nonetheless it shines. Not only does Hyde Park hold numerous Christmas markets, but there are also different attractions all within the park. Wherever in the world you may want to be transported to, all you have to do is take a different trail. A more romantic setting for the couples who like to enjoy Christmas together, but a great destination without question.

Dates: 12th November – 22nd December
The German Market also known as the Frankfurt Christmas Market held in Victoria Square in Birmingham, is the culture shock you might just need at Christmas. The distinct theme of the market makes it unique as you learn so much about Frankfurt without even having to leave the UK. With more than 180 stalls, this traditional attraction is the largest Christmas market in the UK. What started off as a taste of German Christmas set up by Frankfurt City Council's director of festivals (Kurt Stroscher) has since become a tourist attraction to more than 5.5 million people per year with visitors returning year upon year.

Dates: 29th November – 6th January
Considered the most popular destination in the UK at Christmas, Edinburgh is both aesthetically pleasing and succeeds in bringing Christmas cheer to even the coldest of hearts. The city is scenic for the Christmas time, with magical streets littered with lights and fireworks: making it the perfect place for an excellent Instagram picture. The Christmas Highland Village market gives opportunities to go ice skating and locally produced products at the stalls. Also being the longest lasting Christmas market, you have an excuse to go visit even into the New Year.

If you have the opportunity to travel outside of the UK for Christmas, there is one particular Christmas market that should be on your list to visit at least once in your life.

Nuremberg, Germany
Dates: 26th November – 24th December
The origin of all Christmas markets, where it all originated: Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg. Dating back to 1628, it’s clear the Germans always knew how to do Christmas the best way. In the cobbled square of Nuremberg’s Old Town with lanterns and decorations galore, there surely is nothing like the original. You can enjoy a good bratwurst (the traditional sausage) whilst listening to the live bands and school choirs signing in front of the church. A great place to visit to pick up a few Christmas gifts for your loved ones, which I’m sure, they’ll love!

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration as to what Christmas hotspots you should make a visit to this year!

Enjoy roaming the markets with a glass of mulled wine or two – Merry Christmas!

Henrie Ingoba lives at Liberty Park in Coventry, she is a 1st year student studying Biomedical Science at Coventry University.

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