My final year at University


The final year of University can be a daunting prospect for many students but I am one of many who actually found it the most enjoyable year when looking back on my undergraduate degree. The key thing is to not get overwhelmed by the pressures and deadlines but remember how much support you have from your tutors and services provided by your University so make the most of them while you can: talk to your tutor, go and see your careers advisor for advice and don't be afraid to ask for guidance to help you out.

Here are the most important things I learnt during my last year:

Pace yourself: divide your work into manageable portions and work on each project and essay little and often. It seems an obvious thing to say but there's always the temptation to leave your work until the last minute – it isn't worth driving yourself insane on energy drinks and coffee whilst spending all night in the library frantically checking how long you have left until the deadline. You will get a far better mark and feel a lot calmer if you pace yourself and manage your time carefully.

Join societies: University is a great and rare opportunity to try as many new and wacky things as possible. Sign up to the most interesting and unique societies just to give it a go – trust me it's the only time you can sign up to the juggling society and the Quidditch society on the same day!

Plan your graduation: graduation is a great day to celebrate your achievements with your friends and family so don't miss out on the chance just because you haven't applied for tickets or ordered your gown. Make sure to reply to all the emails and order everything that's advised – you don't want to be the one person running around on graduation day desperately trying to find a spare gown when your friends are enjoying the day. Also remember to book a restaurant or hotel if you're family and friends are coming from further afield, so you don't all have to pile into a one bedroom hostel after your grand ceremony.

Research early for graduate schemes and postgraduate courses: it's easy to get so caught up with your University assessments that you miss the application deadlines for more important things. Set aside a few hours a week to research different possibilities for next year. Be sure to do this as soon as possible as you may need to prepare for interviews, update your CV and get references from your tutors.

Most importantly...

Enjoy it all: as tough as all the work may seem while you're there, I promise you will miss University as soon as you leave. Make the most of living and socialising with friends in your student accommodation and try your best not to spend every night locked in your room stressing yourself out with work and deadlines. Remember your friends are going through the same stress as you so try and help each other out as much as possible and your final year will be far more enjoyable.

If you’re still feeling concerned, don’t forget that the management team at your Liberty Living residence are always on hand to provide any help, advice or guidance you may need.

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Posted on 8th September 2015 by Elinore Court.

Elinore Court lives at Liberty House in London, she is studying a masters degree in Magazine Journalism at City University.

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