My first term at University


“Welcome to University, the greatest time of your life” – the cheesy and very pointless phrase was said by everyone, as my very proud grandmother bragged whilst I travelled to move into my accommodation. It was a very big deal to her, being the first one in my family to go to University. So there I was, alone in my room with no flat mates as I had moved in early. Being someone who has never lived in a city, I learnt a lot very quickly!

So I’m going to give you a few little tips that I’ve learned in my first term at University.

1. You don’t need to go out every night for Freshers’ week – not only do you always feel like rubbish, but it’s a lot of money going out every night. Fresher’s flu is a real thing that happens and it’s not all that fun!

2. Actually go to University – very straight forward and obvious but you actually need to go to University. It’s a lot of work to keep up with and missing days is not a good habit to start. Sure, you may get ill from time to time and sometimes things happen that you can’t avoid, but missing whole weeks at a time wouldn’t be a top tip I’d recommend.

3. Find a job – so whether it’s to travel to University, go out, or buy yourself that new game you want, it’s going to cost money and that doesn’t grow on trees. Get a job to ease the financial stress and for peace of mind. A little bit of back up outside of your student loan isn’t going to hurt. It really helps and it’s well worth doing.

4. Join a gym – Fancy a change from your student accommodation or your lecture rooms, and maybe from all that drinking? Join a gym! Not only does it keep you healthy, but it’s an alternative to spending money on nights out. It will help keep you energised and raring to go to tackle that essay!

5. Talk to as many people you can – a good way to make friends is to talk to strangers. You might find yourself in situations where you’ll make conversation to people you’ve never met before like at a flat party or going to town on a night out, but it’s a good way to find out where things are and have company too.

6. Don’t forget to call the family – a five minute call isn’t going to kill anyone.  It’s worth it just to keep a smile on your parents’ face rather than having them nag you!  A call or text goes a long way.

That’s it so far. Hopefully, these points will help you along the way and may come in handy one day. Oh, one more thing.


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