Need some inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts?


Mother’s Day is looming so make a note that it’s Sunday March 15 and don’t forget!!! Nothing will make you feel guiltier than realising you haven’t sent a gift to your own mother and it’s a very easy way of earning brownie points. If you are living far away from home then plan early and send a thoughtful letter. Don’t be afraid to be sentimental and thank her for all the many things she has done for you throughout your life, because we all know that mums don’t get enough recognition and it will mean a lot to them.

To take it a step further then send flowers and/or chocolates with the letter – services like Funky Pigeon and Moonpig, who can do that all for you so there’s no excuse. Plus the international postage delay excuse doesn’t count anymore so make sure that you get it sorted in good time. For a more personalised gift then why not get creative with photos, it’s a sweet present that isn’t too expensive and easy to sort. If there has been a special family event recently then a photo book of the best snaps would work well, or a phone/tablet cover plastered with photos of you with your mum will make you the golden child. These are easy to make and send online, try Photobox for some inspiration and a good range of products to personalise.

If you do live closer to home then a surprise visit home is a great way to make her day special, and as it is Mothering Sunday why not make the most of the weekend and treat her to the relaxation and pampering she deserves. Check out Virgin Experiences and Wowcher for cheap 2 for 1 deals on experiences you can do with her, from a trip on the Thames to a relaxing spa break. Whatever you choose there are some great but cheap options to help make the day memorable but not so expensive that they feel guilty.

Breakfast in bed is a cliché but always works a treat. Spend extra time to consider her favourite mug, brand of tea and flowers to decorate the tray and make you look extra thoughtful. Then bring supplies to guarantee a good lie-in for her – magazines, a new book or download her favourite film/TV show to watch in bed, or set up an iTunes voucher so she can take her pick.

The most important thing is to make sure your mother doesn’t need to nag or stress throughout the day. The simplest way to do this is to make a list of any boring chores you know that your mum always manages to get round to, and do it for them – classic ones are walking the dog or putting the right bins out on the right day, it will only take you a minute but will help her relax. Cook her favourite dishes for lunch and dinner so she can put her feet up, for this to work be extra confident in any dish you prepare, as setting off the fire alarm or breaking the oven will instantly break the spell.

At the end of the day, Mothering Sunday should be a day to recognise and appreciate everything your mum does for you and showing them how much they mean to you – if you get that message across then you’ve done well. A thoughtful card and a personalised message, either in person or on Skype, is the cherry on the icing for a great Mother’s Day this year so DON’T FORGET!

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Posted on 9th March 2015 by Elinore Court.

Elinore Court lives at Liberty House in London, she is studying a masters degree in Magazine Journalism at City University.


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