Nothing to wear? Here are your top 4 uni staples


It is said a girl can never have too many clothes. Wrong. You can most definitely can, and in recent studies it has been proven that the more clothes you have, the more stressful it is to pick out an outfit. It is no wonder women get the ‘neck’ for taking hours to get ready. Some researchers have even tried to show that the I-have-nothing-to-wear feeling actually spurs on the desire to go shopping when we don’t need to.

So what to do? First thing’s first - thoroughly clear out your wardrobe. Anything that has been sitting in your wardrobe for over two years without wear needs to go. Anything with tags still on needs to go too! However, don’t just chuck them out, try your hand at Ebay to gain a few extra pounds, find a Cash For Clothes shop that pay you by the kilo, or donate to charity shops.

After the de-cluttering, make sure you have your staples. These are your go-to outfits, so you can never say ‘I have nothing to wear’.

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Staple 1: The Night Out.

Whether this is for clubbing or an evening meal, you need something classy, flattering, and easy to wash! Your LBD (little black dress) is a must. It hides those embarrassing alcohol stains from that night you can’t remember, and it doubles up for an evening date. ASOS Shift Dress In Crepe With Cape Back is a beautiful, simple but statement LBD at £35. 

Staple 2: The Comfy Sitting in Lectures All Day.

Oversized and layered is what you need. Especially with those of you sitting in on 9-5 days you need something that is comfortable, but nicer than your trusty joggers. Thick yoga leggings are going to be your savior for days like these. Go for VS PINK Yoga black leggings to guarantee comfort and thickness. This long line batwing shirt from New Look is great for bagginess but still looks stylish. Team this £19.99 shirt with this Boohoo sleeveless waterfall cardigan that will layer on top for warmth at only £15.

Staple 3: The Day Date.

This is the nice smart casual outfit. Well-fitted skinny jeans with a chic chiffon shirt will mean you can impress your coffee date, or be approved by your boss on your first day of work. Throw on your comfy dark skinny jeans, preferably black (no rips!) with a relaxed blouse like Forever21’s Pintucked Chiffon Blouse at £16 and in three colours to choose from.

Staple 4: The Dreaded Interview.

You need a smart outfit, but one that makes you feel confident. It needs to be comfy and light wearing so you don’t get stuffy and sweat more! It sounds obvious, but black and white is named as the smartest clothing combination as done by a study for Glamour. The monochrome pussy bow crepe blouse from Missguided is relaxed enough to sit comfortably but is still smart for the interview. At £22, team it up with tailored black trousers and some smart heels.

Jasmin Vincent lives at Liberty Dock, Leeds. She is studying History of Art at The University of Leeds, and is currently in her 2nd year.

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