Places all students should visit in Coventry


The UK’s city of culture for 2021 offers its students plenty to see and do.

Here are 5 places to tick off your 'must-visit' list while you're living in Coventry.




FarGo Village


Image source: FarGo Village


Known as Coventry’s creative corner, FarGo village is the coolest place for students to hang out.

It’s exactly what you’re picturing; a unique space full of indie businesses, a craft brewery, vegan treats, and even a museum.

With food, drink, events and more, it should be right up your street.

(FarGo Village is just a 5-minute walk from our student accommodation, Liberty Point).


Spon Street

Spon Street

Image source: Britain Express


Medieval Spon street is a designated conservation area and has architecture dating back to the 12th Century.

It’s now home to half a dozen shops, restaurants and a pub. Head down to check them out and take a snap of this picturesque street.

(Spon Street is a 9-minute walk from Liberty Park).


The Lady Godiva Statue

Lady Godiva

Image source: Britain Express


Now, if you know anything about Lady Godiva, you’ll know that she (allegedly) rode through Coventry town wearing absolutely nothing, almost an entire millennium ago.

However, you might not know that she did it after her husband, an Earl, said that this was the only way she could convince him to revoke the high taxes he’d placed on his subjects.

Head to the statue in Broadgate and take a photo with one of Britain’s most famous historical figures.

(It’s a 13-minute walk from Liberty Park and a 15-minute walk from Liberty Point).


War Memorial Park

war memorial park

Image source: FWMP


With a tall, imposing memorial that you can’t miss, it’s easy to see how this park got its name.

Pay your respects, take some photos, and in the summer, bring a picnic to share with your flat mates.

(This park is a 25-minute walk from Liberty Park).


Belgrade Theatre

belgrade theatre

Image source: Coventry University


Whether you love seeing plays or you're new to the world of theatre, the Belgrade offers a fun night out for all students.

The theatre scene here is among the biggest outside of London, and it’s definitely cheaper, too. Bonus!

(The Belgrade theatre is a 13-minute walk from Liberty Park and an 15-minute walk from Liberty Point).


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Liberty Park


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