Places in Manchester that will inspire all students


Computers, atomic theory, votes for women. Manchester has given the world some incredible things.

And with such a rich history of innovation, it’s the perfect city for the next generation of world-changers to live. (Talking to you, students.)

Here are 6 spots in Manchester that will motivate and inspire you.





1) The John Rylands Library

john rylands

Image source: Visit Manchester


We know. You’ve got enough to read for uni already thanks very much. But you won’t begrudge this library visit.

The John Rylands Library website claims that it’s ‘a place of wonder; a glorious, unrepentant celebration of imagination and learning’. And this description won’t get any arguments from us.

You can find this stunning, Hogwarts-esque library in Spinningfields (a 15-minute walk from our Liberty Heights residence). 


2) Emmeline Pankhurst statue

Emmeline Pankhurst

Image source: Latz + Partner


Erected in 2018 to mark 100 years since women got the vote, the ‘Rise up women’ statue commemorates Manchester-born suffragette leader, Emmeline Pankhurst.

The bronze statue shows Pankhurst passionately rallying a crowd - a sight that’ll fire you up and remind you to keep fighting the good fight.

The statue is in St Peter’s Square (a 15 minutes’ walk from Liberty Point). 


3) The Museum of Science and Industry

museum of science and industry

Image source: Visit Manchester


Built on the site of the first ever passenger railway station, Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry recounts the city’s incredible contributions from Roman times through the Industrial Revolution to the present day.

Expect to marvel at the big ideas, inventions and breakthroughs that shaped Manchester and the world as we know it.

The Museum of Science and Industry is in Castlefield (a 15-minute bus ride from Liberty Heights).




Image source: Creative Tourist


Although proud of its past, Manchester is also a city that embraces the now.

And HOME, a contemporary art, theatre and film centre, is concerned with exactly that.

Its exhibitions, plays and screenings explore new ideas and tell new stories from across the city and the world.

So if you’re seeking a truly original experience to spark your imagination, visit HOME in Manchester’s city centre (a 10 minute walk from our Sir Charles Groves Hall and Liberty Central residences.)


5) Northern Quarter

northern quarter


The Northern Quarter is well-loved for its independent shops and bars, technicolour murals and quirky spirit.

Find a distinctive piece by an up and coming artist at the Craft and Design Centre. Or discover new music at Soup Kitchen or Night and Day. Maybe you’d prefer browsing rails upon rails of vintage gems at the likes of We Are Cow and Pop Boutique?

Whichever past-time you pick, you’re bound to come away from the 'NQ' having enjoyed a unique experience that’ll satisfy your inner creative.

The Northern Quarter is a 10-minute bus ride from Liberty Point and a 15-minute journey from either Sir Charles Groves Hall or Liberty Heights.


6) Alan Turing memorial

alan turing

Image source: Lindagge


Another statue well worth a visit is Alan Turing’s memorial in the gardens of Manchester University.

Recently selected as the face of the £50 note, Manchester-born Turing is the mathematician credited with cracking the Nazis’ Enigma code, helping to end World War Two and save countless lives. He is also recognised as the father of modern computer science.

You can visit Alan Turing’s memorial in Sackville Gardens (a 5-minute walk from our Liberty Heights residence.) 


And if you’re still in need of inspiration after visiting these 6 spots in Manchester, just remember these words about the city and those who live in it:


“Manchester is the place where people do things.

Don't talk about what you are going to do, do it.

That is the Manchester habit.”

(Judge Edward Abbott Parry)


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