Reflecting on the two sides of my year at Liberty Living


I can’t believe this time next week my first year of university will be over.

This year has been one of the best years of my life. I’ve made some amazing friends and have some fantastic memories. However, there has been a huge change between 2013 and 2014. 

2013, the start of my degree meant that I could have a little bit of fun, get to know the course, get to know London, get to know how to use the tube and how to get around. The big thing 2013 did was give me time to adapt to the change from my home city to living in the big smoke of good ol’ London Town. But 2014 brought more deadlines than I have ever had and also the end of year exams.

Liberty Court has been a great help this year though, I’ve not had to worry about anything within my student accommodation. If I have had any problems during my stressful times they’ve done everything they can to help. 

Throughout the year Liberty Court has changed as well. During the first half of the year, summer to Christmas there were usually many flat parties, getting together with friends and making the most of the time we could spend together. However, after Christmas, the parties stopped and so did time spent with friends. This part of the year within Liberty Living means deadlines and exams. Everyone is stuck in their rooms writing essays, meeting deadlines and revising for exams. I’ve seen more of my flat mates than my friends and this is only because we passed each other in the hallways and in the kitchen area whilst fetching snacks for revision and assignments.  

It is amazing how quickly the year has gone by. I have had a wonderful time throughout both sides of the year. Firstly getting to know everyone and making new friends, writing these blogs and living in one of the greatest cities in the world. The stress of sitting my exams will not spoil my last few weeks of living in London for me. Once my exams are finished, I still have two weeks to enjoy summertime in London and spend time with the amazing friends I’ve made this year! 

Liberty Living provides student accommodation, including summer accommodation, in 17 university cities across the UK, including CardiffLondonLeeds plus many more.

Posted on 3rd June 2014 by Jessica H.

Jessica H. is a 1st year Journalism undergraduate staying at one of Liberty Living’s 5 student residences in London. She has been writing a variety of blogs about being a student and living in student accommodation.



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