Responsible drinking


I'm going to let you into a little bit of a secret... I actually think New Year can be kind of over rated. I actually have a million horror stories about NYE, but that's basically because I have been known to do what so many people do – spend loads of money on overpriced nights out, only to get too drunk, too cold, and wish that I had gone home! This year, I'm going to save myself the hassle I think, and not drink too much.

I'm 25 now, which might seem ancient to Freshers’, but trust me, I still live a lifestyle which involves a lot of partying (in fact, one or two people at Liberty Living could probably tell you a thing or two about that...)! So I know how it is. When everyone is out all the time, it can be hard to take it easy on your alcohol limit. It starts fairly innocently enough – you have one glass of wine or a pint, but a few hours later, you're still there, oops! Goodbye bank balance. Goodbye inhibitions. And ub-oh... goodbye to your phone?!

When I was a student, the amount of times I'd come home without something I went out with was ridiculous. Losing phones was a way of life for me and my flatmates, and I don't think the insurance companies think too highly of that. When you're missing lectures with hangovers, your professors won't be too impressed, either.

I know everyone knows a million and one dangers of drinking, but to be real for a second, some people lose a whole lot more than their phones. I've known people (albeit stupid ones) to lose their driving licence, for being dangerous enough to drink drive. People lose friends and partners over silly stuff. Sadly, I also knew of someone in my first year who lost his life because of a drunk accident, too. We all know it CAN be fun, but there are risks and limits, so please be safe.

In January, why not try a Dryathlon for charity? Everyone over indulges at Christmas, and it's a great way to ease the guilt. It's also a compromise (like I said, I don't want to ruin your plans!). Nobody has money to burn in January anyway (once the loan goes on all those essentials), it's a great way to help a good cause, and it's also a nice way to remind yourself of how to have a good time without drinking.

You can help raise money for Cancer Research UK by signing up to their 2016 Dryathlon and go dry throughout January. It starts at 9am on the 1st January. Folow the link to become a Dryathlon super hero!

Good luck!!!

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