Saving space in your University room


Saving space in your University room

Taking the big plunge by starting University raises the uncertain question: will you sink or swim?

Not necessarily academically speaking, because you have earnt your stripes whilst studying for your A-Levels and higher level qualifications. But, will you survive independently looking after your new living space you have been allocated for at least a year?

The question raises eyebrows as students are notoriously dubbed as ‘scatty’ and ‘messy’. However, if you want to get into the swing of things by living life as an independent, young adult, here are a few ideas to get your student life off to a flying start in the space saving area.

Drawer separators
These are fantastic must-haves for separating your socks from your delicates, your gym gear from your everyday clothes. This little organisational piece of kit is what spacing saving dreams are made of. Houzz has found some nifty drawer dividers for the kitchen but I believe that they’re just as useful for the bedroom or desk storage.

Hanger clips
Hanger clips are a great way to add more space to your wardrobe whilst keeping a uniform and tidy look. Only use them if your wardrobe is tall enough to avoid your clothes dragging on the bottom of the wardrobe floor. If you do have a short wardrobe, use hanger connectors with clips, to clip up your longer items.

Storage units
Storage boxes are a god send when it comes to space saving in student accommodation. Piling your stuff up, wherever you can find space, will just look a mess and will slowly drag your mood down. Neatly pile your possessions into storage boxes to free up valuable space.

Don’t be tempted to skimp on storage boxes – choose your sizes wisely, and buy as many as your bedroom will allow – then take the time to sort through all your possessions, get a system going, and get it all stowed away. In no time, your room will be de-cluttered and organised.

Saving space in your University room

Removable hooks
Removable hooks are clever gadgets that attach to a wall or door, to provide hanging space for coats, towels and dressing gowns. With some of these in play, you’ll free up valuable space in the wardrobe for other items.

Desk chair
In most cases, every student bedroom will come with a standard desk chair that neatly tucks under your desk. However, if you are feeling like you need to make more academic space, look into finding a multi-purpose desk chair. Not only will it be comfortable for carrying out those essays you have been assigned, but they will also be able to house those essays and books you have been assigned to read. Two birds with one stone.

Washing basket
Scattering your dirty laundry across your floor space looks neither aesthetically pleasing nor inviting. Instead, invest in a laundry basket. Make sure that the basket is tall rather than wide to minimise valuable floor space. A tall woven white wash design will be easy on the eye and will brighten up your room.

Bed organisers
Bed organisers are a brilliant alternative to bedside tables. They can hold glasses, headphones, and other items like books, iPods and toiletries, right by the bed so they’re easy to reach without taking up hardly any space at all!

Stationery holders
To optimise your space, a standard pencil case may not cut it, but a stationery holder will organise your academic belongings into one neat and tidy display on the surface of your desk.

Door space
Effective storage means making the most out of every inch of available space, even the back of your door. A door rack can help you find a home for shoes, books and hair appliances that you would otherwise stash in a drawer or on the floor of your wardrobe.

Remember, your living space at University is precious, and you need to make sure that there is enough space for all of your academic work as well as making it a space to feel like a home from home environment. Make sure to take advantage of every inch of it. Be creative, yet innovative and make sure that your space is free from clutter in a personalised style.