Solved: The top 8 stresses of student life


University has a reputation for being a party-packed era of madness, but in actual fact, us students are under a lot of pressure when it comes to juggling endless deadlines, exams and a burgeoning social life. Since 1992, every April has been a designated Stress Awareness Month, during which health experts across the country will unite to increase public awareness about the causes and cures for this ‘modern stress epidemic’. To mark the occasion, here are some tried-and-tested suggestions that have helped me cope with the stresses of everyday uni life…

1. Time


Ever feel like you don't have enough time? Deadlines and exams can leave you feeling overwhelmed so it's important to make sure you manage your time wisely. One method I’ve found helpful is to buy a diary with plenty of space and start writing in your main assignments and exams. Then you can give yourself smaller goals throughout the weeks to divide up the workload and to ensure you meet your deadlines. Making simple to-do lists each day is an effective way to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed. Plus, you can personalise your planners with funky pens and stickers - always a bonus!

2. Concentrating on studies

Focusing is essential when it comes to studying. However taking breaks from studying is really important for avoiding stress and helping you concentrate in the long term. Rest up by taking regular short breaks, or even a day out or weekend break to catch up with friends and family. University is meant to be fun, so enjoy it and make time for pampering yourself or have a night out with friends to let your hair down – whatever makes you happiest.

3. Budgeting


Managing your money is another pitfall when it comes to the student life, but giving yourself a weekly budget and making the most of the endless student discounts will help you keep on track with your finances.

4. Life after uni

Unfortunately, uni isn’t forever and the prospect of graduating can be terrifying for most of us – myself included. The best way of dealing with this is to get out there and experience the ‘real world’ by gaining some work experience. Choose companies you're interested in and try to get a week (or even a day) in their shoes to see what sort of jobs appeal to you. Even if it’s a disaster, at least you can rule it out!

5. Social pressures

Social pressures

What about making friends and having a social life? Well, uni is the perfect place to try something new or to keep your existing hobbies going. This is great for escaping the stresses of your workload. Meeting new people doesn’t come naturally to everyone but societies are great for breaking the ice and making friends with the same interests as you.

6. Diet

Many students worry about making their own food when away from home, and for some it'll be the first time they've been 100% in charge of what they eat. Studies have shown that having a balanced diet and eating healthier can help reduce stress, so don’t overdo those dodgy ready meals and replace some of them with fresh fruit and veggies. Experiment with exciting new recipes and invite friends over to make an evening of it!

7. Sleep


Getting enough sleep is another worry of student life and a managing to do this will definitely help to reduce stress levels. Waking up and feeling fresh in the morning can help keep you motivated throughout the busier times.

8. Your wellbeing

Finally, it goes without saying that uni life can be super stressful, so don’t forget to look after your wellbeing by treating yourself and rewarding all your efforts!