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You have to admit that as a concept, Social Media is pretty awesome. There are literally thousands of ways that people are using these platforms, whether it’s to stay in contact on Facebook, follow brands and celebrities on Twitter, or just to stalk an ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend on Instagram (okay, that one is definitely less cool …). And, now that you’re here at Liberty Living, you don’t have to panic just because you’re here at one side of the country and your mates are all the way in London in other student accommodation! But are you being Social Media savvy? There are enough people out there who don’t have a clue, so here are a few suggestions to make sure you’re not one of them.

1. Make things private. If you take one thing from this, make it that. Imagine putting a slanderous status or offensive picture up – for public viewing – if you knew your prospective employer might see. Nobody’s that stupid, right? You’d be surprised. If you haven’t played around with your privacy settings, the chances are that people can see your every move. If that doesn’t sound creepy enough, imagine your parents poking their noses in. Now you’re well and truly freaked out, go change those settings! Some people even go as far as to use a pseudonym online, but that one’s up to you.

2. If you really insist on being 'Internet Famous' – at least do it for things you can be proud of. The last thing you want is for something you post to go viral and come back and bite you, because guess what guys? Once it’s online, it’s pretty much there forever.

3. Following on from that, if you wouldn’t say something in real life, don’t say it online. Bullying, racism, sexism – you name it! Still not okay. Keyboard warriors just arn’t cool.

4. You’ve probably seen Catfish. Hopefully nobody is actually that naive, but it’s fair to say that not everybody is who they say they are online. Okay, so your best friend from school is mostly likely not some random person pretending to be them, but unless you can be 100% sure who you’re talking to, just don’t. Or at the very least, pull up a reverse image search.

5. ”No way! The Queen is an alien – it says so right here!” People have a shocking habit of believing everything they read online, so learn to check out your sources before you share anything that makes you look a little silly. If it looks fake, it probably is.

Got a bit of an addiction? You can use your networking skills to your advantage. At the very least, try and use Social Media cautiously, in a way that doesn’t ruin your future prospects. Keeping yourself safe and savvy online mostly boils down to using your common sense. After all, it’s just a microcosm of real life.

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Posted on 7th March 2014 by Claire L.

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