My first Liberty Living Christmas


In September 2013, I started my degree course at City University and moved into my student accommodation at Liberty Living which is close to campus. Living away from home is an important part of the student experience, and this was my first Christmas away from my family and friends back home.

Whilst I love the independence that I now have, the prospect of not being able to help put the Christmas tree up at home was heart-breaking and made us all a little bit homesick. But, morale did not drop. We are students living in London, one of the greatest cities in the world, so what better to do than explore our capital at Christmas with my flatmates? We visited the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, where we drank hot chocolate, ate German sausages and looked at the stalls. We saw the lights turned on in Oxford Street. We visited Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Covent Garden, and then wandered down Regents Street looking at the decorations and at the Christmas window displays in the shops.

The realisation about being away from home near Christmas came when I opened my first chocolate on my advent calendar, plus Liz and her Liberty Living team put up the Christmas tree and started wearing their Christmas hats. Had I been at home, I would have been helping Mum put up our Christmas tree, so seeing all of the Christmas decorations at my student residence helped me feel at home. I also think about all the Christmas shopping I am missing out on and all the little things we do in the build up to Christmas, like seeing people we don’t get to see often throughout the year, the wrapping of presents and sending cards to my family and friends.

As I am feeling sorry for myself, it dawns on me that my student accommodation in London is only an hour and half away from home by train and if I wanted to go home I could. My flatmate who is German is further away from home, (well kind of) in miles but in travel time his journey is very similar to me. When I speak to him about Christmas he says how much he enjoys it as it is usually the one time of the year he actually gets to see all of his family, many of whom live in different parts of the world. When he talks about Christmas and going home, his excitement is clearly noticeable.

However, as sad as we all were about the fact we was not going to be with our families until the middle of December, we explored our own backyard and did some amazing things. I think this is one of the best things about being a student living in London. There is so much to do and as much as you miss helping out at home, there is so much to keep you busy. You are actually back home for Christmas before you know it!

Jessica H is an undergraduate at City University. She lives nearby at one of Liberty Livings’ 5 student housing options in London. Jessica will be writing a variety of blogs about being a student and staying in Liberty Livings’ student accommodation... so watch this space!

Liberty Living provides student accommodation in 17 university cities across the UK, including London, Medway, Preston plus many more.

Posted on 10th January 2014 by Jessica H.

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